How to Master the Golden Ratio of Beauty and Comfort


Being a college student, especially during the second semester, we all know one of the biggest challenges is deciding what to wear. The battle between beauty and comfort has plagued students since the beginning of time, but who says you can’t do both?

Personally, I have class pretty early each day, so having the motivation to make myself look put together is often not present. I have first hand experience of blankly staring at my closet for about 15 minutes, debating with myself if I want to look good or if I want to be comfortable all day. However, there is definitely a happy medium when it comes to looking nice and being cozy in your clothes.

One of the key aspects of appearing presentable in class is to look the part. By this I mean to focus solely on your facial expression and attitude. If you slug into class hunched over and grumpy, even if you’re wearing a full suit or ball gown, it is clear that you are miserable. You’re sleepy, yes I know, but guess what: we are all tired. It may be hard to get yourself up in the morning and muster up the energy to smile in your first class, but if you force it, you’ll feel it.

Now on to what you should actually wear if you want to achieve this perfect comfort to beauty ratio. Ditch the sweatpants, and simply take the extra 30 seconds to put some real pants on. It’s pretty easy to slip on some jeans, a t-shirt, and a nice cardigan, and this look not only looks well put together, but it’s pretty comfortable. Not a fan of jeans? Leggings are fine too, but don’t just cover it up with an oversized sweatshirt. Cardigans are always a lovely way to go, or a longer, flowy shirt. Put some cozy socks on under your boots. Socks and sandals are a comfortable option too. 

The most important thing to do when you want to look good for your peers is be comfortable in your own skin. Self confidence lights up any outfit, so flaunt your style, Hawks!

Kaitlyn Patterson

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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Patterson, and I am a freshman Communications major at Saint Joseph's University. I am the Creative Director and frequent writer for The Hawk Newspaper and I am a member of the SJU Green Fund.

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