They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we could not agree more! While there are many breakfast options, oatmeal can quickstart college kids daily lives. The simple breakfast is time efficient, and most importantly tastes amazing.  

Oatmeal is usually known as a common, boring breakfast food. This video shows a simple way to to spice it up in just a few minutes.

Using apples, almond butter and a small amount of honey brings out the best flavors of the oatmeal. The additions to the oatmeal will also supply some extra protein and healthy sugars to give you more energy in the morning!

Even better- we found the majority of what was put in this meal from Campion Dining Hall, so there is no extra cost other than the oatmeal.  

Number of servings: 1


1.)  ⅔ cups water
2.)  ½ chopped apple
3.)  Handful of walnuts
4.)  2 Tablespoons crunchy almond butter
5.)  1 Tablespoon honey


1.)  In a microwave safe bowl pour one packet of Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Oats
2.)  Pour ⅔ cup of water into the same bowl. Stir.
3.)  Microwave for two minutes  
4.)  Place chopped apple into now microwaved bowl
5.)  Add walnuts
6.)  Add Almond Butter
7.)  Add honey
8.)  Stir and enjoy!


End Result.


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