October, a month known for tricks, treats, and mid-semester stress. Spooky season is an exciting and stressful time for any college student. As mid-semester work and exams pile up, it can become hard to manage the fun of the scary celebrations, homework, and especially if you are a broke college student like most of us. But never fear, here is how you can celebrate the creepiest time of year as a college student with no time and no money!

  1. Entertainment

Don’t have time to watch your favorite Halloween movie? Bank account cannot take another streaming service subscription? Or want new and in-the-season music to listen to? Listen to a Spotify Halloween playlist! Spotify offers free sign-up and listening can satisfy the responsible adult in us all by not spending a dime. A playlist like this makes for an easy way to get into the spirit of Halloween when studying, getting ready in the morning, or making that exhausting 15-minute hike from Bellarmine Hall to Merion Hall.

This playlist, “Halloween Vibes,” created by chrisjb888, features a variety of songs! From creepy classics like “I Put A Spell On You” from Hocus Pocus to petrifying pop-hits such as “Bury A Friend” by Billie Eilish. Maybe you’re not feeling that playlist? Spotify, and even Youtube, offers a wide variety of Halloween playlists to choose from. And the best part, it’s all free!

2. Costume

For some, costumes are planned months before the big Hallo weekend. For others, Halloween costumes become a two days before problem. Good news! There are a variety of last-minute costumes to be pulled off. Better yet, I compiled a few inexpensive and easy Halloween costumes.

A last-minute costume can be as simple as a black cat: Put on your favorite black dress, skirt, shirt, or shorts. Take some black eyeliner, draw on a cat nose and whiskers. Another example can include using a white bedsheet as a toga or cutting out holes for eyes to be a ghost. Boom, done!

Want more creativity? Consider this, cut or print out a pricetag-shaped name tag and write your name on it. Then, stick it on your shirt. Now, you are a contestant on “The Price Is Right”. Another option can include some Mickey or Minnie ears and that old Disney shirt you got on your last trip to Disney World. These can make for an attempt at being a Disney adult or Disney tourist.

3. Treats

Photo by Mike Lotano

For affordable and easy access treats, try stopping by the POD, in Campion Student Center. The POD holds a variety of delicious snacks for salty and sweet cravings. It also allows you to take advantage of student Declining Balance! It will feel like you aren’t spending a dime. An alternative could be finding a nearby dollar store and fulfilling your Halloween candy cravings that way. Both options can be considered college student budget-friendly!

Although you may have to finish that essay or study for your next exam, make sure to take breaks! Halloween is something fun for all to enjoy. I hope some of my tips and tricks can help you out to have a terrifyingly good Halloween!

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