How the P.O.D. Market Is Ripping You Off


Everyone has late-night cravings for sugary treats. At Saint Joseph’s University, the most popular place to go on campus the P.O.D Market, which is located across from the Campion Dining Hall entrance. Sells multiple items including ice cream and chocolate milk. The P.O.D. Market accepts cash, Hawk Card as well as credit cards. The prices are outrageous.

“Even though I know better, I still find myself going to the P.O.D Market about once a week particularly on a Friday or Saturday night to get a fun snack.” said Manny Marinos, a freshman student. Ice cream is very popular because of the different flavors, from chocolate, vanilla to coffee. Ice cream is $3 plus tax for a half a gallon. I would not mind it if the ice cream was a gallon but it is barely a half a gallon. A cereal box is over $4 plus tax which means that for two items a student may pay over $8!

Photo Credit: SJU

The pricing is crazy because the P.O.D. Market has complete control over their prices. It is identical to a monopoly over the prices. A monopoly occurs when a firm is the only firm in an industry producing the product and there’s no competition. The only competition is Einstein Bagels.

The best option is go to the Campion Dinning Hall and take cookies and other snacks. Another good option is to bring a great abundance of food and drinks from home. Costco and BJs Wholesale have jumbo packs which are good to buy for a discounted price. There is also CVS, Rite Aid Pharmacies and Target located nearby. Do not get ripped off on campus.

Matt DeLeo


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