It happens every year. As the end of the semester approaches and spring fever takes over the campus, we look forward to the warm weather, blooming cherry blossoms, and are itching to get outside of the classroom. One event on campus helps us do that best, getting the entire student body excited for the end of the school year.

Photo by: Siobhan Naughton

The Spring Concert at SJU is a fun and exciting tradition that first began in 1996 with the Gin Blossoms and has continued ever since. Last year’s spring concert brought T-Pain to Saint Joe’s and also allowed the student body to showcase some of the talent that’s right here on Hawk Hill. A variety of student openers performed before the artist to get the crowd excited for the show. The process to find the openers for the show this year was a little different!

This is the first year that the spring concert committee is hosting a student opener concert where 10 acts will compete for 3 opener spots. One act will perform in Starbucks on the day of the concert, giving a coffeehouse performance. Another act will be outside Hagan Arena and get the crowd hyped up before they go inside for the main acts. Lastly, one act will be chosen to perform right before the main acts come to the stage and are guaranteed to keep the energy level high.

In order to find these performers, the Spring Concert committee began the process to find any interested talent on campus. “We put out fliers and announcements asking people to send in videos of their talent to be part of a competition to get chosen to be the student opener for this year’s spring concert” says Julia Harris, the General Committee Assistant Coordinator, who’s in charge of coordinating the people who help on the day of the concert.

Here are some of the acts that you can expect to find on Sunday!


Lil Dil & OB, NxG, and LiMM

Rappers such Lil Dil & OB, NxG, and LiMM will be competing on Sunday and you can expect to be blown away by these artists and their original performances. Check out the Hawkchill instagram for a shout out by Lil Dil and come out on Sunday to see him and the others perform!

Photo of Lil Dil by: Allison Kite


DJ Will the Thrill, Julez P, and Ty Fam and Joe Leo

DJ Will the Thrill and Julez P competed at the 2018 spring concert and this year we can also see Ty Fam and Joe Leo competing to secure a spot as an opener. On Sunday, these DJs will have you hyped up and ready for the spring concert with their unique and exciting DJ sets.


Hawkappella and Blk Child

Singers and musical group performances are also included in this competition, such as the amazing ones we can expect to hear from Hawkappella and Blk Child. Both bring amazing vocal stylings to the table and you’ll be blown away with the performances they’ve prepared.

Photo by: Allison Kite


The Sweeney Sisters and James the “Yo-Yo Kid”

Student performers also get to showcase not just musical talents, but other artistic ones. Attendees at the contest on Sunday will see James the “Yo-Yo Kid” show off his yo-yo tricks and see the Sweeney Sisters stun the crowd with their amazing dance and choreography. Both performed last year and we can expect amazing performances yet again!

Photo of The Perch by: Allison Kite

Admission at the Perch is free this Sunday and once inside, you can also purchase baked goods that will help support the Spring Concert Committee for years to come. If you come to the contest, you can expect to find a three-judge panel that will judge the 10 acts and  chose 3 to be the student openers for the Spring Concert on Wednesday, April 10th!

At the end of the contest, the winners will be announced, but that’s not all! The two main acts that will perform at the Spring Concert will also be announced through a reveal video, such as the one they made last year! Make sure you come out to the Perch on Sunday so you don’t miss out on this huge announcement!

The openers that are competing range from freshman to senior and offer a wide variety of acts, so there is sure to be one that you’ll enjoy! Come out on Sunday at 3 PM and support your fellow Hawks as they compete for the 3 coveted student opener spots! More information can be found on the SJU Spring Concert Instagram.

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