Hawkcash v. Novabucks

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As a Saint Joseph’ University student, I can tell you the places I have used Hawkcash on five fingers; Starbucks, the pod, the book store, Landmark, and DB. The only other places I know that you can use Hawkcash is Acme and Taco Bell which seems a little odd for how much money is on my card. I’m honestly desperately trying to use it all before the end of the year. These places are limited and I never realized this, until I started going to places and seeing how often they had a sign saying “Nova Bucks welcome here”. Villanova is located in an area with a lot more around them but, it is noticeable how many more places they can use their version of Hawkcash.

One of the biggest differences between Hawkcash and Novabucks is that Villanova students have many more restaurant options to choose from, as well as places to do activities. After looking it up, the only place that Hawkcash is accepted that is not a food place, that can be considered as an activity is “Dana hot yoga”, and honestly I have never heard of this place before.

To find where both Hawkcash, and  are accepted, you can google them and they come up. You can then compare them and see how many more eating places, and especially healthy eating places Villanova students can go to use their “Wildcard”. That is one of the problems with Hawkcash, there is only about one place to go that is healthy food.

There are benefits to both but, it’s interesting to notice how many more options Villanova students have to use their Novabucks than we do to use our Hawkcash.



Danielle Bunten


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