Sick of spending your money on Halloween costumes that inevitably become a pile of non-recyclable garbage on November 1st? Don’t stress, we got your back. Resist the urge to spend money at the very last minute (when store prices are at their highest) and consider looking through your own closet or shopping for something flex-worthy enough to wear again. Chances are you can assemble an iconic costume without having to waste a penny. Below are 10 ideas for girls and guys to get the creativity flowing!

Ladies first!

Gain inspiration for easy costumes you didn’t even realize you had in your closet!


Girls, don’t overthink it. This costume is easy, simple, and timeless. Throw on your favorite all-black outfit and some dollar store cat ears and you’re ready to go. Want to skip the dollar store run? You can even DIY it! To spice up the look, take some black eyeliner and draw yourself a pair of whiskers too. So fierce!


It’s time to show off and embrace the funky pants! For a cohesive look, add any colored shirt to match the wild bottoms. For a more elevated look, slide on some bangles you have sitting in your jewelry box. Don’t be afraid to go all out and purchase a belly dancer belt to top off the genie look. You can find some really cool, inexpensive ones on Amazon here!


Arggh! Put on any plain maxi skirt for this pirate look. A white blouse or an off the shoulder top is easy and goes with everything. To really signify the look, tie a bandana or neck scarf around your head. If you desire, you can easily purchase some cheap props on Amazon to make it look more realistic!

Biker Chick: 

Time to look bad a**.  Step into some ripped black jeans, throw on a black top, and layer up with a leather jacket. If you don’t happen to own a leather jacket, you could easily thrift one for a fraction of the cost! Toss some shades on, put a bandana in your hair, and just like that you’re ready to go! Rock it sister.


Flared jeans are totally in, so you can find them anywhere! Forever 21 has a big selection of different styles and a different range of prices to fit your budget. Wear a tye-dye top and throw up a peace sign to play the part. For accessories, find some funky rings, invest in some round vintage shades, or wear a fun headband. Lastly, remember to make love, not war!


Remember, you can never be “too cool” to dress up… Gain some ideas from these simple and cheap ensembles.


Sandals, white shirt, red shorts, and shades are all you really need! Apply some sunscreen on the nose to elevate the look. Lastly, add a few accessories like a whistle and a first aid fanny pack for everyone’s safety!

Hawaiian tourist: 

Aloha! Bring back your summer shorts and the craziest Hawaiian shirt. Don’t forget your shades, a fanny pack, and a lei when out there exploring!  

Greek God:

Feeling confident? Grab a white bed sheet or fabric to drape and pin around you. Sounds too easy, but it will look great! Any gold jewelry or chains can make the outfit look more realistic, so don’t hesitate to add it!

The Bachelor Contestant:

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? It’s time to look your best and show it off. Wear your go-to dress pants, button-down shirt, and jacket. Looking your best while feeling sophisticated might even help you find that special someone!

Basketball Player(s):

This is an easy one for you guys! Almost everyone owns a jersey, and you could easily borrow one from your closest bud. Some sporty sweats, sneakers, and jersey are really all you need! To accessorize, wear a sweatband around your arm or forehead. It can’t get any better than looking good while staying comfy!


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