The fall season is officially upon us and we all know what that means…time for the wardrobe shift! New wardrobes mean new styles, and some brands are taking center stage this season!


PatagoniaThis brand is a commonly worn one here at SJU. Varying from jackets, vests, sweaters and hoodies, Patagonia is catching on quick and you don’t wanna miss your chance to join in on the wave.

Patagonia Half Zip Sweatshirt. Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo


J Crew-A little more on the expensive side, J Crew truly allows you to get your money’s worth. Their stylish, comfortable and durable attire makes it well worth every penny.

JCrew Sweater and JCrew Scarf. Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo

North Face-The North Face has been a popular brand for quite some time now, and it hasn’t gone away. You will still see North Face pretty much anywhere you go.

North Face. Captured by Caitlyn Amadeo

Adidas sweats/joggers-October is the start to sweatpants season. Whether you’re a student getting ready for class, getting ready to go out or just relaxing at home, this brand is the most common brand of sweatpants/joggers you will see.

Adidas Joggers. Captured By Vaughn Saunders


Hunter boots-Hunter boots are a very handy choice. These boots are conditioned for the fall weather and look good to go along with it.

Hunter Boots. Captured By Emma Herrick

L.L. Bean-Making a rise in popularity, L.L. Bean has become a very well known and widely worn brand of boots. The two toned footwear known as Duck Boots are affordable and provide you with some stylistic variability.

L.L Bean Boots. Captured by Emma Herrick

UggsFall is typically the start of Ugg season. With it’s balance of style and comfort, this tends to be one of the go-to footwear options.

Ugg Boots. Captured By Emma Herrick.

Nike ACG-boots are one of the more stylish, and more importantly affordable options. These boots can go with any type of outfit, whether the purpose is to catch a few glances or to be comfortable.

Nike ACG boots. Captured By Vaughn Saunders

Timberland-Of course, the classic Timberland boots had to make an appearance in this article. Timbs are some people’s “old reliable”, and others’ special occasion boots. You can’t go wrong with these, a personal favorite.

Timberland Boots. Captured By Vaughn Saunders.


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