Do you ever wonder when it is acceptable to switch into your fall wardrobe?

With the weather being so inconsistent it may be hard to figure out if  what you are wearing is appropriate or not. After wearing shorts and flip-flops all summer, at some point you have to realize that it might just be a little too cold for that summer wardrobe. As a team of curious college students, we set out to get the opinions of others to see when they thought it was socially acceptable to switch from the summer to fall wardrobe.

Most people agreed that October is typically the cutoff to swap out the flip-flops for your flannels. However, the explanations seemed to vary.

Once summer ends, there is usually a week or two serving as the grey area when you can find people wearing a mixture of both summer and fall clothes. For example, a guy might wear a comfortable sweatshirt with a pair of shorts, especially to a casual setting like class. Girls on the other hand typically make the switch to long pants much earlier than guys. Jeans and a T-shirt is a a popular outfit for girls in late September, when it’s too cold for shorts but a little too hot for flannels.

Another popular answer was that the cutoff for shorts is 60 degrees. This is a more concrete answer and ideally this would be the weather starting around the beginning of October, which would go hand in hand with the other popular answer, but with the weather patterns lately, it is really hard to tell.

So to settle the debate, you should typically ditch the shorts once October hits. Even if the weather is still on the hotter side, it can’t hurt to get a heads start on some fall style.



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