When life gets busy and work becomes stressful, most people turn to caffeine to get them through their days. Sometimes coffee or tea may not be enough or maybe the taste is too bitter. Luckily, there are numerous products that can be used to reenergize. Here are five of the most unconventional caffeinated products that will certainly wake someone up. 

Shaving Cream

Caffeine does not just wake up your mind; It can also awaken your skin. A bunch of beauty products for men and women are infused with energy. M Skin Care is a brand focused on men’s products that offers caffeinated shaving cream. The company claims that the caffeine in the product “Improves lymphatic circulation which reduces puffiness, dark circles, and redness while tightening skin and smoothing fine lines.” It can be found at a variety of stores such as CVS, Ulta Beauty, or anywhere with grooming products. 


Caffeine pills are the most direct way to feel alert and awake. These are safe and effective and generally containing 100-200 mg of caffeine. They can be found at many drugstores. An array of prices and brands are offered.

Energy Chews

An abundance of options are available when it comes to caffeinated gummies. Some chews are best for a mid day boost, sports, or whatever activity requires more energy. One brand, Scratch Sport Energy Chews, offers a great option for athletes. Their products are recommended when someone is exercising and in need of a quick rise in energy. 


One of the fastest ways to increase energy levels is with caffeinated gum. Various companies offer products like this. Some of the most popular brands include, Neuro Gum, Run Gum, and Military Energy Gum

Hot Sauce

This is certainly the most unexpected item on this list. DoubleKick is a hot sauce brand dedicated to providing a pick-me-up in an interesting way. It contains ginger and caffeine for that extra energy boost, as well as the flavors of Asian and Southwestern chili sauces. 

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