Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes!

Dogs vs. cats; a lifelong battle. We all know that person who is an avid dog fan and all they can ever talk about is how cute their dog is and when they see a dog they have to stop whatever they are doing to go pet that dog. When these so called dog lovers then meet a cat fan it’s the end of world. They just talk about how much they hate cats and it always turns into a bad situation. Personalities of people definitely correlate with their like of either dogs or cats. Those who like dogs seem to be more active and outgoing while those who are cat people usually are more laid back and chill. There are pros and cons that come with both having a dog and with having a cat. For cats, they basically do everything inside and there’s no need to get up and take a cat for a walk like there is for a dog. Cats have a litter box and just eat throughout the day from the amount of food you put out for them in the morning. Cats although so calm, they are not always the most friendly. They may look super cuddly but most cats don’t like human interaction. As for dogs, they love to get attention and to cuddle and interact with their human as much as possible. With having a dog their is a deep level of companionship. Dogs are so dependent on their human and truly can’t do anything without the help of their human. They need to be fed multiple times throughout the day, walked when they need to go to the bathroom and they constantly need to be played with and kept active.


Let me sleep meow please!

Studies have been done to show that having cats are good for stress and anxiety and that petting a cat can be a good way to calm yourself down. Cats have been seen to really be able to help a person learn about themselves and to help those struggling to get through the hard times. The same goes for dogs in the way that there are many therapy dogs out there that are trained to literally help those dealing with mental illness. They can help with ptsd, anxiety and depression, a whole gamut of things. Another pro about cats and dogs are that they are just cute. When you see them you can’t help but to get happy looking at their cute faces, unless you dont like animals well then they probably won’t seem as cute to you. You also get to experience the growth of basically a life as dogs grow up fro being puppies and kittens grow into cats. This can be a good learning experience for young kids demonstrating how things grow up and the cycle of life.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? 


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