The cold winds are rolling in and the holidays are right around the corner! Here are some fun holiday decorations to make with your roommates this winter season!

Balloon Christmas Lights



Take a solo cup, turn it upside down, and poke a hole on each side. Then, string your garland through. Blow up your balloons and glue them to the inside of the cup. Once the glue dries, hang up your “lights” for a festive touch to your dorm. You can also paint the solo cups green to add more of an effect to the decoration.

Credit: Kail Pappas
Could you tell the difference between these and real lights?


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Everyone loves a great winter snowfall, but who likes to shovel? Make these cute snowflakes to add the feel of a snowfall in your nice and toasty dorm.  



Lay out as many popsicle sticks as needed (roughly 4 or 5) and format them into snowflakes. Keeping the shape intact glue to the middle of each stick to keep them together. Allow an hour to go by for the glue to completely dry. Once they are dry, use the markers to draw a design or to add a touch of color. Pro tip: add some paint or glitter for a little extra pizazz! Once dry (around an hour) use some ribbon and a few command hooks to hang them around your room.

Credit: Kali Papps
Plain and simple to make!


Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees 

You might have some popsicle sticks leftover after making those awesome snowflakes so why not make a Christmas tree?!


  • Same as the supplies for the snowflakes.


Lay out three popsicle sticks in the shape of a triangle. Lay a few across the top of the triangle and one in the back. Glue the ends of the sticks together and allow around an hour for them to dry. When the glue is dry use the markers to add color to the tree. Paint and glitter are another way to decorate the Christmas trees. After an hour, when everything is dry, take some ribbon and a command hook to hang up those stunning trees.


What’s Christmas without a little bit of light?


  • Christmas lights (color optional)
  • Command hooks


Place a few command hooks on the perimeter of the walls in your dorm. Connect as many strands of lights and hang them on the command hooks so they outline the room. Plug them into the wall, turn off the other lights in the room, and it will light up just like a Christmas tree.

Credit: Kali Pappas
Two products, too simple.

With these four fun and easy crafts, you will have the best looking dorm on campus! Your dorm will have that Christmas feel for you and your friends to watch Christmas movies in while drinking hot chocolate!

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