Everyone can agree that Campion Dining Hall can get a little boring over time. That’s why we’ve compiled some hacks to help you make the most out of your Campion dining experience. Stretch the limits and make the dining hall a little more interesting!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Head over to the bakery station of Campion and grab two classic chocolate chip cookies and a few scoops of your favorite flavor of ice cream from the ice cream freezer, near the pizza station. Using a spoon, put the ice cream between two cookies and BOOM! You just made yourself an amazing sandwich. If you’re feeling a little crazy, you can even add some toppings to your creation. Campion offers sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate chips next to the ice cream freezer. 


Milk Refill

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Why pay for milk when the milk at Campion is free? Bring an empty gallon with you to Campion and head over to the one of the milk dispensers located near the utensils or cereal station. You can fill up on either chocolate, skim or 2% milk. Also for those people that prefer soy milk, Campion offers vanilla and chocolate flavors as well! The soy milk dispensers are located between the waffle and coffee stations. You may get a few weird looks, but does it really matter when you’re saving $4 every time you refill?


Root Beer Float

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Root beer + ice cream = a match made in heaven. Did you know that you can get root beer in Campion? Well, it’s true you can get it from the right soda machine located near the condiments. Grab a glass and fill it up, but make sure to leave enough room for vanilla ice cream so it doesn’t overflow! 


Iced Coffee

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Are you getting bored with the same old coffee every morning? Change up your morning routine by making your own iced coffee in Campion! Grab a cup and fill it with ice, then add your favorite coffee, creamer, and sugar and there you have it, a nice cold iced coffee that is much cheaper than Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. 



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Ever wander through Campion, displeased by the options for lunch or dinner? Well if you are, head on over to the lovely employees at the deli station and request a quesadilla! Let them know what kind of cheese and meat you prefer and they’ll toast it for you to perfection!


Hopefully these tips can make your dining experience in Campion a bit more enjoyable!


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