The crazy Pickle Monster Burger was calling our name so we decided to see what it was all about! This morning we took a visit to Lucky’s Last Chance on Main Street in Manayunk to try some of their crazy burgers and sandwiches.

We tried the Pickle Monster burger, the award winner of the 2019 Philadelphia Burger Brawl. The burger is covered in pickles, American cheese relish, dill pickles, homemade pickle aioli topped with Herr’s pickle potato chips. 

2019 Award Winning Philadelphia Burger Brawl; Pickle Monster Burger

Our brave contestant, Isabel Traphagen, rated the wild burger an 8.5 and said “It’s definitely overwhelming…I mean I guess I could see why it’s award winning”. Along with Isabel was another brave contestant, Celia Mattie, she even took a bite of it and said “I don’t usually like burgers but thats pretty good.”

Aside from that they also tried two other items from their crazy menu!

Check out Lucky’s Last Chance’s Instagram account to see more of their wild burgers and interesting food combo menu items.

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