Boo’d Up

On Tuesday, I was invited to a “babe and a bottle” halloween costume party for Saturday night and it got me thinking. A constant struggle that every college student faces throughout their college career is trying to find multiple halloween costumes, that are at least somewhat original and usually very last minute, to fill the needs of the infamous Halloweekend. And the older you get, the harder it gets. You have to add more days of celebration into the mix by adding time for going to bars, and you have to be ready to have a costume on the spot as Halloween parties will be thrown at you with only a few hours notice. And what puts the cherry on top of these struggles is when you have to coordinate costumes with either a date or a group of friends. So we decided to help you out this spooky season by giving you easy, put together, iconic couples costumes for you and your boo.


If you are looking to make love not war this Halloweekend, channel your inner hippie and take it back to the 60’s with this easy and comfortable look. Grab some groovy patterned pants or shirts, sunglasses, and some flower crowns and spread the love and peace!

Photo by Olivia Massaro

Cavemen (and women)

Take it back to our roots and the beginning of time, and try to start a fire with these spicy couples costumes. It requires little clothing and fabric and you don’t have to brush your hair to complete this look.

Cavemen costumes Photo by Michela Bussard

Animal Onesies

Comfort is key for these costumes. Go online, order some animal onesies, and be your own farm! You get to spend the night cuddled up with your boo in the most comfy way possible.

Animal onesies Photo by Michela Bussard

Decade Dressing

Take a trip to the past and pick your favorite decade! Look at iconic fashion trends and celebrities from that time and give it a try! Whether you choose bright and tight for the 80’s or poodle skirts and leather jackets for the 50’s, these costumes will definitely catch some eyes! Check out your local thrift shop.. its a treasure chest for oldies but goodies.

Decade Dressing Photo by Olivia Massaro

TV Show and Movie Characters

Whether the cast of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Sandy and Danny from Grease, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, or the infamous Wendy Peffercorn and Squints duo, the option is literally endless for this one! These couple and group costumes are always everyone’s favorite to see!

Suite Life of Zach and Cody

And these are just to name a few! You can check out all the other iconic couples costumes that we didn’t get to try here. Elevate your couple’s status a level higher to dynamic duo or even power couple by being the best dressed couple and scaring away your competition this Halloweekend. Stay spooky kids. “It’s frickin bats, I love Halloween.”


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