Looking for a cheesesteak place that will leave you saying “Gee-Whiz”?

Saint Joseph’s students are lucky to be located so close to all of the cheesesteak action. With over 20 places in a maximum 10-mile radius of the university, students can test their taste buds to find their perfect version of a cheesesteak.

In the vein of Bartsool Pizza Reviews, freshman and cheesesteak aficionado Francois D’Elia volunteered to test his tastebuds with different local steak stops. 

First stop, D’Alessandro’s. This gem is located in Roxborough about 15 minutes from campus. You walk into the small shop and it’s hectic, but owner, Steve Kotridis says, “When you pull up a bar stool and order, all you have to do is look and listen.” Be prepared with your $9 in cash and a dash of patience. It is worth the wait and even New York’s Jimmy Fallon can attest for that!

Next on the list, Spataro’s in Reading Terminal Market. If you are exploring the city and the terminal, this marketplace pit stop offers a classic cheesesteak quickly. Priced at $10, it is worth stopping by especially after a long day in the city.

Larry’s Steaks on 2459 North 54th Street. This spot is conveniently located for those late 2 AM, Saturday nights. Unfortunately, Larry’s doesn’t reach the top of many people’s list but let’s be real, it’s a decent steak. Besides, you know what they say, food usually tastes 10x better after a couple of beers.

Overbrook Pizza is home to Will Smith’s all time favorite Philly cheesesteak. The quality and location could not be better. Overbrook Pizza whips up an $8 steak that will have you wishing you were “in West Philadelphia, born and raised.”

The final stop is a treat cooked by our very own grill masters in the Campion Dining Hall. Keep a close lookout on the SJU Dining Hall so you can catch their versions of the Philly classic. It’s quick, easy, and basically free!

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to picking the best cheesesteak, so think about which one you’ll want to check out next!

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