Picture this, you go into the bookstore to pick up your books before the semester begins. While you are on your way to that far right corner you begin to browse through the racks of crimson and grey. You then come across a must have item and you cannot leave the store without purchasing it. However, then you look at the price tag. How dare they! You’re a college student on a budget, how is it any fair? You carefully put the item back in its place and stalk off to finish the chore of picking up your books (that will most likely never be opened).

The Saint Joseph’s Bookstore undeniably has many quality items and provides great customer service for anything one may need. SJU branded items provide students with the ability to look great while maintaining that incredible school spirit. However, in the end such golden must have items are well out of the price range that any college student can afford (I can barely afford my $2 iced coffee).

League Saint Joseph’s University 62 x 80 Blanket

Credit: SJU Bookstore

What better way is there to literally surround yourself with school spirit then the coziest blanket with all possible school logos? NONE. This sweatshirt blanket is a must have to cuddle up with your hawkmate. In this case, it might be best to ask Grandmom to support the “must have sju blanket” cause.



Vineyard Vines Saint Joseph’s University Hawks Silk Tie

Credit: SJU Bookstore

What better way to show dedication to work AND school then to sport a tie representing the most distinguished hawk around. However, most college students do not possess a job that would pay well enough to afford such tie.



Nike Saint Joseph’s University Women’s ½ Zip Shirt

Credit: SJU Bookstore

There are lazy days and then there are days when feeling and looking active is a top priority. This Nike zip shirt can help achieve the “yes I exercise” look, but to what length, or in this case price, would one be willing to pay to show it.




Cutter and Buck Saint Joseph’s University ¼ Zip Broadview Sweater

Credit: SJU Bookstore

Now guys, if you are trying to impress that one special someone this may be the perfect sweater to obtain that Hawkmate you’ve been dying to have. The only problem is, after you buy the sweater you may not have enough money to pay for the date!



League Saint Joseph’s University Women’s Slim Fit Crewneck

Credit: SJU Bookstore

Need a casual crewneck for those lazy class days? Well, this vintage maroon shirt might suffice but one must be willing to shell out 60 bucks! However, for some, casual cute just may be priceless.



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