On every college campus, there are many ways students express themselves through fashion. The Instagram account @fashionatsju, founded by Sydney Villard, highlights some of the most fashionable students at Saint Joseph’s University. She highlights the different ways in which students express themselves through clothing. We teamed up with Villard to figure out the 5 most commonly found fashion trends on SJU’s campus.

The Haub

The Haub by Anthony Anthony Rispoli, Model: Zack Reiss

The Haub School of Business has a powerful presence on campus.The Princeton Review named it one of the “The Best 294 Business Schools.” Haub is ranked high for its prestigious business programs, so it is no surprise that its business students come dressed to impress. Business students always seem to be running off to an interview or presentation, so it is not hard to spot the “business professional” look almost anywhere on campus.

The Groutfit

Groufit by Anthony Rispoli, Model: Taicha Morin

Everyone has those days, where you are exhausted from studying and all-nighters. So, you don’t have the energy to put effort into an outfit. Yes, I’m talking about the groutfit. The term groutfit comes from combining the words gray and outfit to make everyone’s favorite go-to lazy day ensemble. This trend is very popular during finals. However, students rock their groutfits, anywhere and anytime on campus.

The “I’m in Greek Life”

Greek Life by Anthony Rispoli: Model: Rhyse Biletz

It is obvious that SJU is very proud of its Greek Life. We have 5 sororities and 5 fraternities. The Greek letters are important symbols for all sororities and fraternities, so students involved in Greek life roam campus with their letters at any opportunity. It wouldn’t be a normal day at Hawk Hill if you didn’t run into people sporting their letters loud and proud.

The Prep

Photo by Anthony Rispoli, Model: Juan Ibanez

Love it or hate it, the preppy style is a staple in campus fashion. Usually, This look consists of pastel colors, khaki bottoms, boat shoes, and at least something from the popular nautical retailer, Vineyard Vines. Other brands you might run into are Patagonia, Ivory Ella, Sperry, and Southern Tide. In any case, the preppy look is go-to for the person that wants to look casual, but put-together at the same time.

The “I Love SJU”

Photo by Anthony Rispoli , Model; Will Davies
SJU students have lots of school spirit. However, there are people that go above and beyond to show how passionate they are about Hawk Hill. These people always wear some kind of SJU gear. It can be a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or all of the above. Followers of this trend want to make sure everyone know how much they love SJU and that #THWND.


SJU’s fashion culture is a testament to how passionate students are about the things they do around campus. Fashion is one of the best ways to express your pride, your passions, and most importantly, your individuality. No matter what the current trends are, the best type of clothing you can wear is the kind that makes you feel like yourself. That’s the Magis! Don’t forget to follow @fashionatsju to be on the lookout for the most fashionable at SJU.


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