As college students, I am sure the majority of us have had our fair share of experiences with coffee. It gives us life in the mornings, patience during the day, and allows for more studying at night. One of my favorite things about coffee is trying all the different kinds at diverse locations. Every batch is different, as well as the atmosphere that comes with it. Fortunately for us Saint Joe’s students, we have countless local cafes to try, here are four for you to try.

Delice et Chocolat: This French Coffee shop is conveniently located in the heart of Ardmore across the street from the Ardmore train station, as well as the SEPTA stop. Whatever time of the day you stop by, there will always be a meal that is fitting for your appetite, ranging from coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and even gelato. This cafe is a great place to do some studying too, with its abundance of tables, it serves as a great change of scenery from the Drexel Library.


La Colombe: You may have heard of “La Colombe” before. It is a rather well known coffee chain, with thirty locations across America. What you may not know is that there is one just five miles away from campus in Bryn Mawr. La Colombe’s signature Draft Latte will certainly cure your coffee craving any day. The atmosphere in La Colombe is charming yet sophisticated, with its delicately patterned coffee mugs and rustic interiors. My favorite order here is a latte and chocolate scone. The menu is short yet delicious. La Colombe has coffee like no other, since it is all on tap which no other cafes in the area offer. Their most unique specialty drink is the Shandy, which is iced coffee and lemonade. La Colombe serves as a great meeting spot or date location because it does not offer wifi, which encourages face to face interaction and human connection.

Le Petit Mitron: Le Petit Mitron is a family owned french bakery in Narberth, a town only five minutes from SJU! It is located across the street from the Narberth train station, making it an extremely convenient venture from campus. This cafe has an abundance of mouth watering pastries that are made from scratch every day, to accompany it’s even more delicious coffee. I spoke to Isabella, a co-owner of Le Petit Mitron with her husband Patrick, who are both from France. Isabella was very excited about their new lavender lattes so be sure to try one on your visit!


Green Engine: If you’re looking for a comforting place to enjoy a cup of coffee, Green Engine, in Haverford is for sure the place for you! This coffee shop is a unique blend of great food and cozy hospitality. Its interiors make you want to stay awhile with earthy tones and an abundance of seating. I spoke with one of the owners Kelsey Bush, Bush emphasized how their employees and local community are a primary focus to them. Bush and her business partner Zack Morris, provide a welcoming atmosphere for all parts of the company. Another unique aspect of Green Engine is its healthy options, including salads and paninis. Come by this season to cozy up and enjoy one of Green Engine’s fall speciality drinks!


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