1. New Age Avril Lavigne

Every teenage emo-wannabe will remember this look from their middle school years, but 2017 is upgrading this pre-teen nightmare to an edgy but tasteful dream. Smudged, smokey, and subtle is the way to go.

Buy your eye liner at Target or Amazon!


2. Blush Bomb

Allisin Craven rocking the blush bomb look!

This is definitely one of my favorite trends on the list (it’s early, I know), and it already prowls the hallways of Saint Joe’s. I’m hunting for the perfect shade to get started, but whether you make it edgy or whimsical, this look is hard to resist.

Best part is? You can use your favorite brand of blush!

Tip: Try purple or Orange if you’re daring.


3. Pops of Color!

2017 is welcoming more color! So find your favorite Crayola crayon and find a matching shade at Target! The bolder the better! Popular shades have included sunshine yellow, frosty blue, flirty pink, and various greens. (Or if you want to ensure a flattering shade, find a Fashion Season chart! Comment below on what season you are!)

Frosty blue is my favorite! Try these brands if you’re looking to give it a try. Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette can be found at Target!


4. Delicate Metallics

Cinna was onto something when he boasted that subtle, gold eyeliner at the Hunger Games. We’re going to follow suite and nab some metallics of our own. Try some thin but daring eeliner, or a metallic shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes!

 Here are my top picks online and in the area.

Kiko Milano

Jane Eyeliner


tip: Use gold, silver, or bronze to highlight your skin undertones.


5. Classic Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has and will always be the rage. Who doesn’t want to flaunt such a classy yet sultry look? Maybe this Spring shake it up with a new shade of crimson instead of your go-to look.

You know iiSuperwomanii, right? Try her brand of red from Smashbox for that boss look: Always on Matte.


6. Glitter on the Fritz

Shirelle Pelotte, Campion faculty, showing off her fab nails!

Looks like we have some leftover holiday glitter! Let’s celebrate with some subtle sparkles around the eyes, and a dusting of glimmer over the lashes.

I’m a little nervous when it comes to glitter, but I’d love to try these new glittery nails!

tip: Put a spin on the classic french tip by adding some sparkle!


7. Gloss Sauce

Just kidding! But they are seriously piling on the gloss this Spring. On the lips, on the cheeks, on the eyes . . . It’s like an extra layer of super shiny, practically Edward Cullen-esque skin!

Here are the top tutorials and brands of gloss to try on your lids.

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom

Glossy Eye Tutorial


8. Holographic Lips

Uhm, hi. Are you a fellow holosexual who loves watching Nailogical? Well, guess what? These lips aren’t quite holographic, but they look absolutely amazing! They shimmer, they shine, and they’re going to be mine!

Lip Switch is the top brand to try.


9. Modern Shapes

All of the biggest “top makeup trends” sites have one implied element in
common – rogue and bold shapes! From outlandish eyeliner by L’Oreal to blocks of eyeshadow, 2017 is begging for your artistic side to shine. Get a little heavy-handed with the brush and color outside the lines at least one this Spring.

This is more about technique than products, but try Tarte Clay Paint Liner to make experimenting a little easier.


10. Go Green!

Pantone is notorious for inspiring fashion trends with their “color of the year.” And this year it’s Greenery! A stunning, lush shade of green that beckons memories of summer days in the park and sunny beaches. Uhm, after all of this snow? Yes, please!

Pick up a pot of Acidic Green eyeshadow at Sephora to rock this look!


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