Wonderspaces encourages your creative mind to let go and thrive with interactive art.

At the back of the Fashion District, Wonderspaces thrives. The space is dedicated to international artists’ unique artwork. 

Inflatable surreal creatures greet you at the door. Erupture by Nicole Banowetz features huge versions of microscopic organisms. They seem to breathe on their own with the changing air currents of the air pump. With a biology class setup in all white, the space is nostalgic, calming, yet disorienting.

Popular with instagram users, Submergence by Squidsoup and Body Paint by Memo Atken, feature colorful photogenic  landscapes. Submergence  is constructed of 8,064 points of light that change color corresponding to music. Atken’s art piece is an interactive projection of color that will change with one’s body movements.

John Edmark’s artwork Blooms has morphing flower-like 3D sculptures. These sculptures are not actually moving. They spin at the speed of helicopter blades creating the morphing illusion.  

Reed van Brunschot plays with scale in his piece Thank You Bags. Iconic Thank You Bags on this large scale are symbols of consumerism and excess capitalism. 

Another interactive piece Ferrefelction by Mesple is a box with a special liquid that when interaction with the electromagnets underneath pucker up. The box is equipped with sensors to capture  movement and make the electromagnets mirror movements. 

Gurgling plants make an impression in Scenocosme’s Akousmaflore. This piece is a hanging garden with a sign saying “Please feel free to touch the plants”. Gentle touch on each of the plants makes a unique noise. 

A small model of the Opera de Lille and a projector make up Micromonumental Mapping, Essence of Creation, a piece by LimeLight. A video made by the artist is reflected onto the model that’s supposed to represent the inspiration for the Opera itself which was divinity of the Greek Gods.

Wonderspaces has several community built pieces such as Before I Die by Candy Chang, The Last Word by Illegal Art, and Our Top 100 by Jody Servon. These pieces depend on the viewer’s input and allow you to add to the pieces. 

The Last Word has instructions for you to write down anything you’ve wanted to say, roll it up, and add it to the wall. Our Top 100 is a collection of songs that meant something to the people who wrote them. Before I Die is exactly how it sounds, people write out their life aspirations in colorful chalk. 

Hop on the train down at Overbrook station and take it to Jefferson for easy access.

Wonderspaces offers a good break from the stress of school work.