The last several weeks of a semester for a college student can be both a difficult and trying time. We are all using an extreme amount of energy studying for exams and completing those dreaded tasks.

In the spirit of Halloween, students of the Saint Joe’s community were encouraged this particular week to take a study break of their own and come play the game we all know and love, “Where’s Waldo?” Rather than spending money and time to go somewhere off campus to relax and unwind, our group brought a free activity to campus which promoted, good times, lots of laughs, and even some Halloween candy. 

Elisa Meija ’23 puts the ladies in the lead after finding Waldo on day 3. Photo taken by Chelsea Evans.

Waldo was everywhere on campus from the most favorite coffee spots, the library, school buildings and more! As the game goes, clues were sent out everytime Waldo was out and about campus to encourage students to come take a look and try to find the one in red and white! With the incentive of a $25 gift card to a place for yet another study break, people everywhere were on the hunt!

When spotted, Waldo took a picture with those who were lucky enough to find him, and everytime someone said, “I found Waldo”, or “There he is”, they would receive a piece of Halloween candy and the chance to contend for the gift card. 

Video taken by Chelsea Evans

From Waldo Himself:

“Taking a trip to Saint Joe’s campus was such a fun and enjoyable experience! With Halloween being one of my most favorite holidays, this being because I’m always dressed up, it was nice to bring this spirit to a school with such hard-working and driven students. It made me smile to see those who found me happy to do so, even if it was just a little bit of time out of their hectic schedule! I had students coming from everywhere to look before or after class, sometimes even on their way to one! One of my favorite places on campus was the library, I found many students studying and they were eager to take a small study break to come find me. I thank SJU for such a wonderful break, and I hope you all can find the time to do something that makes you happy throughout the day like coming to find Waldo!”

Waldo smiling for a picture with his first find of the day. Photo taken by Chelsea Evans.

As the old saying goes, “it’s the little things in life that matter the most.” Taking a little bit of time out of your day to decompress from your studies and play a community game brought a smile to each and every students face who happened to run into or go out of their way to look for Waldo.

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