If you have been through it, you know picking housing for sophomore year is the absolute worst, and stressful experience. Most people go into this process assuming that they are going to automatically live in Pennbrook or Lannon, without realizing how quickly they actually fill up. Once they are filled up, the question of what else is even available starts to be what everyone is thinking. Once all the pick times are over and everyone knows where they are living, they are either happy or completely dreading the next year they have to endure. Here is what where you live sophomore year says about you…


  1. Lannon Hall- Convenience of being able to get to campus just as easily and quickly as freshman year is definitely a necessity. Having a new apartment is similar to living in villiger and is definitely a lot easier to maintain.
  2. Pennbrook- You definitely had a good pick time.
  3. Ashwood- You probably had a pretty decent pick time, and a lot of people you wanted to live with. It’s not too far from campus, but is definitely isolated from the other sophomore housing, but since most your friends live with you it is not that big of a deal.
  4. Lancaster Courts- Did not even really know what these apartments were until you could not get into Lannon, Pennbrook or Ashwood. A lot of people complain about how far they are, but they are pretty much one street up from Pennbrook.
picture by Danielle Bunten


5. Houses on Lapsley- You most likely are on a sports team and want to live in a house with people from your team, or you wanted to be near campus and Lannon was full. Most people who live here, do not have good pick times.

6.Moore Hall- You had the worst possible pick time.

picture from Tenor


-Danielle Bunten

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