Mulan is you’re typical tomboy and a natural born leader. I think she’d make a great criminal justice major. She is courageous and protective over the ones she loves and of people in general. She chose to take the place of her father and fight the horrible Hans in order to protect her country. There’s no doubt that she’d be studying away daily, and hitting up O’pake by night.

Belle the bookworm. This Princess loves to read, making her the perfect English major. Throughout the movie we see her love of books unfold. Her goal in life is to live out the adventures she reads about in her books. You would be able to find Belle cozied up in her favorite corner of the Drexel Library, reading about her newest adventure.

Although Rapunzel’s magical beauty powers would be a great as a celebrity stylist, I could see her being an art major here at SJU. While locked away in her tower she and Pasqual would always be crafting up a storm to pass the time away. She takes after Van Gough by painting a night filled with lights. What a masterpiece!

Ariel would have to travel far to attend SJU but it would be worth journey in order to become a sociologist. Ariel is obsessed with all things human. Just listen to her song, “Part of your World”. Maybe she would even join our swim team, well as long as it’s not against the rules to have a mermaid on the roster.

Jasmine, a curious Princess who’s interested in different cultures and traveling. International business is the perfect match for her. The only issue I see in her future is ditching her magic carpet for business class on Delta Airlines.


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