As students head home to finish up the rest of the semester and settle into Winter Break, Virtual Parties are making a come back. Last Spring, when Covid-19 lockdowns first began, people around the world we’re stuck in their houses limiting interactions with other people. However, people quickly found out that they could have virtual parties that allow them to keep in touch with friends and family from miles away. Listed below we lay out some of the best ways to communicate with your friends even when you are not physically in their presence.

Zoom Parties: 

A Screenshot of Friends On Zoom Together while in Quarantine this Spring – Caroline Minnucci

As college students, who have been using Zoom for the past few months, we are all used to learning and communicating via technology. Zoom has allowed Saint Joseph’s University to still provide an education for their students even during these unprecedented times. However, Zoom is not only used for educational purposes. During Spring 2020, zoom parties became extremely popular. 

Set up a link, send out the group code and password and you are all set to have a fun virtual night with friends. By setting up a zoom party, you are given the opportunity to still communicate with friends while being away from campus. Although it may not be ideal, there are still many different activities you and your friends can partake in virtually on zoom:

  1. Kahoot
Screenshoot of Kahoot Game Login – From Kahoot Website

Kahoots are an easy way to look up trivia questions and have a competitive, yet friendly game against your friends. You can look up a countless amount of Kahoots ranging from trivia on current events to the fantasies in Marvel Comics. You can also create your own Kahoot to quiz your friends on their knowledge about you. Kahoot is an easy way to have a game night while away from campus. 

2. PowerPoint Presentations

When thinking about PowerPoint your mind may go to that History presentation you did freshman year. However, virtual PowerPoints steer away from school and instead focus on obscure, crazy and unique topics allowing for hours of fun. Create your own presentation on a topic that is intriguing to your audience, like ranking every Bachelor or Bachelorette from the shows or “Who is Most Likely to” out of your friend group. When the time comes, tell your audience to sit back and enjoy. Share your screen via Zoom and present the slide show.

3. IMessage Games

iMessage Game Pigeon Screenshot – Game Pigeon

One of the easiest ways to communicate with your friends without actually talking is through iMessage games. It is a virtual way to play some of your favorite childhood games like “Crazy 8’s”, “Pool” and “Darts”. First install GamePigeon on your mobile device and then text any game of your choosing to your friends. Keep a zoom call going in the background if you want to get the full effect of Game Night with friends.


If you still want to be in the presence of your friends but are running out of ideas on what to talk about, try out “Teleparty” a Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO server that allows friends to stream the same shows and movies at the same time. Through this server, viewers are able to watch their favorite Holiday movies with friends while adding side commentary in the comments. First install teleparty, pin it to chrome toolbar, open a video, and then join or create a party. By following these simple steps, it allows you to have a fun movie night with friends without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

Screenshot of Teleparty show and chat –

Group Facetimes

Not everyone has mastered zoom, so if you are one of these people and you have an iPhone, try doing a group facetime with friends. Join any one of your group chats on iMessage and hit the call button at the top. This allows you to have a group conversation with all of your friends without having to go through the trouble of sending out a zoom link to everyone. Once on the call you can play a countless amount of games. 

Screenshot of Friends On A Group FaceTime – Emily Dunn

Although being virtual may not seem ideal, there are still ways that we can embrace it. Join a Zoom, a facetime, or Netflix watch party, and naturally, you will have a good time. Friendsgiving 2020 may have to be virtual, but it can still be filled with fun and games.

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