With March wrapping up and just two weeks left in the season, it’s time to look back on what could be considered an all-time season for memorable performances.


Honorable Mention: Joel Embiid, 1.27.17 vs. HOU, 32 pts. 9 rebounds.

Yes, this doesn’t exactly compare to the other performances on this list, but what Joel Embiid did this season was incredible, and he played this game on a torn meniscus. Incredible.

5.) Karl-Anthony Towns, 11.30.16, vs. NYK, 47 PTs, 18 REBs, 2 ASTs, 4 BLKs, 



Karl-Anthony Towns went up against Latvian sensation Kristaps Porzingis and absolutely destroyed. With Towns, Porzingis, Embiid, and Davis, it seems the NBA big man is on its way back to dominance. There will be many battles over the next 10 years between these future GOATs.

4.) Anthony Davis, 10.26, vs. DEN, 50 PTs, 15 REBs, 5 ASTs, 4 STLS, 3 BLKs.

Anthony Davis proves night after night that he is the best young big man in the NBA and on a path for a Hall-of-Fame career, and his season debut was no different posting up an absurd stat line with defensive contributions to go along with it.

3.)  Russell Westbrook, 11.13, vs. ORL, 41 PTs, 12 REBs, 16 ASTs, 2 STLs

This man is going to average a triple-double, something no one thought would happen again. It was hard to pick which of his stellar performances to go with, but the assists numbers gave this one the edge.

2.) Devin Booker, 03.25.17, @BOS, 70PTs, 8REBs, 6 ASTs

Devin Booker is younger than most of us and just had 70 points in an NBA game. WOW. It might be a shocker that this wasn’t #1, but the fact of the matter is there was a better performance this season…

1.)  James Harden, 12.31, vs. NY, 53PTs, 16REBs, 17ASTs,


James Harden is one of the only players ever to have a 50-point triple double, and he did it twice this season. Much like with Westbrook, it  was hard to pick which Harden performance takes the cake, but this stands above all as the best performance of the season.


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