Everyone loves tacos! That is why Mexican food is the third most popular menu type in the US. And if you disagree…well then stop reading right now.

Honest Tom’s started off as a taco truck, later opened up a shop, and then this past July transformed its menu to be fully vegan.

This change sparked when the owner Tom McCusker transitioned to a plant-based diet. It was hard for him to eat healthy while selling meals that he knew were not.

He feared his customers would be upset with the transition but it actually resulted in loyal customers showing support and an entirely new market being served.

Listen below to hear how becoming vegan led Tom to live a healthier life and how he wants to spread this lifestyle to more people!

Tom constantly strives for his dishes to have little-processed ingredients and his next goal is to get rid of all oils.

Since changing to Honest Tom’s Plant-Based Taco Shop, the shop is buzzing with success. No matter if you eat vegan or not, Honest Tom’s offers delicious but healthy options that everyone can enjoy.

Only a 15-minute drive from campus, Honest Tom’s is cheap and delicious which are key factors in a college students diet.

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