Are you at the point in the semester where you need a break from schoolwork and academics? Have you considered joining a club sport? 

The Saint Joseph’s University Club Sport Program’s mission is to provide students with a unique opportunity to develop leadership, organizational and fiscal management skills in a safe, supportive and fun learning environment in which participants can build a sense of community. 

 Sophomore Finda Fabian is one of the five women that is involved in the Women’s Rugby Team. Fabian decided to get involved after attending the activities fair in the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. 

“I stumbled upon the Rugby table and started talking to only four girls on the team and I decided it was a team I wanted to be a part of. The next thing I knew I was writing down my name on the sign up sheet and I was on the team,” Fabian said. 

The Rugby team meets on Sweeney field every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 8pm to 9pm. 

“The season has just gotten started so I do not have any assigned positions yet, but I think I am most interested in playing one of the team’s forwards called a hooker,” Fabian said. 

Not only does Fabian enjoy playing Rugby, but her being on the team is an outlet for her to get away and destress from academic life.

 “Since the practices are at night, being on the team fits into my schedule perfectly. During the day I am able to go to classes and do my school work with motivation to get it done because I then have to go to practice at night,” Fabian said. 

While some may not be familiar with the game of Rugby, the game can be described in many different ways. 

“I would describe Rugby as a game that is played with a ball that looks like a version of a football that you run with in your hands.It could only be thrown sideways or backwards and the objective of the game is to try to get the ball in the goal,” Fabian said. 

          With only five women on the women’s team and 30 men on the men’s team, The women’s team could use some players. If you would like to participate in a fun and challenging game to blow off steam,Rugby could be the game for you. If interested in joining the team, email

Sweeney Field, where the Rugby team practices and plays games. Photo Taken by: Val Andrickson