As most of us travel home for the holidays, now is the best time to get in the holiday spirit with your friends at school. This is a great way to distress from registration and upcoming finals. We’ve put together the perfect and easy pregame checklist to get you and your friends in the holiday spirit!

Set the atmosphere: Get nice and cozy with you and your friends in the common lounge to make your break seem more homey and warm. Get some blankets and pillows and pile them into your space to get into the holiday spirit.

Friends by Allison Tzanetas

Snacks to bring: Homemade snacks for you and your friends will make this season feel at home; M&M’s, popcorn, apple cider and even ordering some Chinese food will get everyone hyped for the holidays! Here are even more tasty treats to try.

Snacks by Allison Tzanetas

The perfect movies: Picking a movie to watch can be difficult so we have a few suggestions! Classics, like, Elf, The Holiday, The Polar Express, and Frosty the Snowman are must-sees! 

Movies by Allison Tzanetas

What to wear: Get into your comfiest pajamas, bring out the slippers, the fuzzy socks, and find a nice robe to get nice and warm! Flannel pj’s are a must!

Now you’re ready to enjoy the perfect holiday pregame.

Pajamas by Allison Tzanetas


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