Name: Ashley

Year: Sophomore

Ashley and her sorority sisters have all signed up for a trip to Linvilla Orchards for a picture perfect fall day. Linvilla Orchards is a very popular destination for sorority bonding as it is a good place for apple picking, apple cider donuts, fall decorations, and of course its opportunity to generate the perfect fall Instagram photo. Her day, however, is not as perfect as her Instagram would have you believe. 

Ashley’s day at Linvilla:


Ashley wakes up bright and early, ready to start her promising fall adventure. She goes through multiple outfits before she finds her ideal autumn ensemble. A pair of Timberland boots, large Chanel sunglasses, denim jeans and a patterned tank-top, with a oversized cream sweater to top it off. Ashley then took some time admiring herself in her long silver mirror. Satisfied that her authentic curls matched her white pearl earrings she completed her enduring beauty preparation.
Ashley’s first of many posts on her Instagram story.


Ashley and friends arrive, enthusiastic about the promising day ahead. She can not control her excitement for the beautiful autumn adventure. However, this excitement is soon substituted with annoyance as she notices the substantial lines of cars desperately searching for a place to park. The look of frustration and desperation filled the linvilla parking lot.
Ashley becomes angry trying to find parking. Her hair get’s messed up as she begins to sweat out of frustration.


After what felt like hours, Ashley and her sisters used determination and teamwork to finally find suitable spot in the grass. 


Ashley has trekked “miles” through uneven terrain to finally arrive at their fantasy fall world. As she stands in line for the entrance, when disaster strikes as she realises her newly purchased fall boots have been destroyed by the tortuous rural walk. She is devastated, feeling like all the time and effort spent on choosing her perfect fall outfit was pointless. It is surprisingly warm for October, and her skinny jeans begin to stick amidst the heat, making her all the more frustrated. 


Enter Orchards. Finally, a pumpkin sighting.
Ashley snaps a photo of the pumpkins for her Insta story



Strolling around constantly eyeing up potential, instagram opportunities ashley begins to wonder through the pumpkin patch. As expected of a sorority girl attending the famous linvilla adventure, Ashley and her fellow sisters attempt to capture the “perfect” Linvilla picture.
Ashley becomes frustrated, as many of her pictures turn out awkward instead of cute


Ashley rummages through the patch to find a perfect unbrowsed pumpkin to help create the classic pumpkin patch pose. However, the damage is severe and the perfect pumpkin is proving impossible to locate. She scavenges around near and far through excess scarecrows and rows of apples but as time runs out she has to settle for less than perfect pumpkin. She snaps some ‘candid’ photos with her pumpkin then heads to the apple orchard. 
Ashley poses for ‘candid’ pumpkin photos


She heads to the apple orchard, finding the perfect apple to pose with. She holds the apple and looks at it like its the most beautiful delicacy in the world.  With her photostream filled up, she realizes capturing an instagrammable autumn day proves to be extremely challenging and time consuming. 
A sneak peak at Ashley’s camera roll after her photo shoot



Ashley decides to purchase an apple cider donut as she sees the perfect opportunity for yet another insta photo. After another agonising wait in line she finds the perfect lighting and snaps 20 photos before getting the perfect one for her story.  She then has a miniscule bite and throws it out as she realizes she does not even eat carbs.
Ashley snaps a photo of the delicious donuts for her story before throwing them out


Next Ashley dares to ride “haunted” hayride. Traditionally, they are action packed, heart pounding rides leaving everyone on the edge of their seats… but she soon realizes this hayride is not going to give her that experience as she is surrounded by joyful children attached to their mothers hips. Her whole body is itchy from the hay and there is a screaming child next to her. She would rather be looking for parking again than sitting here. 


After a long day of fall fun Ashley looks forward to getting back home. However, she has to weigh her organic apples upon check out involving waiting in long lines, with heavy apples. By the time Ashley and her sorority sisters manage to get out of all the lines and busy crowds those precisely picked apples have began to rot.


Ashley prepares herself for the long treacherous walk back. Her makeup has sweat off and her hair is frizzy. While walking, she scrolls through her pictures. She finds a half decent one and spends the entire walk adjusting the lighting and picking the right filter for Instagram. She posts the picture with the caption. “Perfect day at Linvilla! #ILoveFall with the heart eyes emoji. She hopes her followers will be envious of her perfect day! 
Ashley’s ‘perfect’ Instagram photo


Finally, Ashley and friends reconvene at their cars wishing that summer never ended. 


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