It’s Spooky Season!

Every college student knows the struggle of finding costumes for Halloweekend. With much to do it requires many costumes, but for our typical procrastinators out there, you may find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear!” Even during this pandemic, Halloween is sure to be as fun as ever and you’ll definitely need a costume. Here are five quick and easy costume ideas (some COVID friendly) that anyone can throw together in no time!


You don’t need a degree for this costume! We all know that nurses have been the real-life heroes of 2020 and this has to be one of the easiest covid-friendly ideas. All you need is a pair of scrubs (men or women’s), a medical mask, and if you want to spice it up, grab a stethoscope! You can find these items from amazon, target, or our local spirit halloween right up city ave!


Will you accept this rose? This last minute costume is sure to impress and so simple to put together! Ladies, all you need is a nice dress and gentlemen, a suit and of course! You can pull these basic items from your closet. Finish it off with the iconic rose and you’re sure to find your perfect match.


source: public domain

You may not be in Gotham but you can still be a superhero this Halloween! An all black outfit is all you need when putting this together and of course, a batman mask.


Speaking of super heroes, aren’t there bad guys to catch? With a black and white striped shirt and black pants, you’ve got your classic robber costume. Complete your outfit with a mask to disguise your identity or a mask to stay safe! If you want to add more, you can even DIY your own money bag with a white canvas bag and a sharpie.

Wig Costume

This last costume is open ended so let your imagination run wild! A colored wig from spirit halloween or party city gives you endless possibilities. Dress up as sadness from inside and out with a blue wig and blue sweater or turn it into a group costume by getting a different colored wig for each of your friends!

Get creative!

We know with a busy semester, Halloween costumes are not always your first priority. These ideas are to just get you started! Be creative with whatever you have available and don’t let it stress you out. Find some more inspiration beyond these five ideas here! Have a safe and fun Halloweekend Hawks!

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