Picture syllabus week at Saint Joseph’s University. You can find crowds of students waiting anxiously at various locations to catch the Shuttle for a quick, fun trip to everyone’s beloved store, Target. However, fast forward a few weeks and the crowds have disappeared.

So, what happened? Ask any student around on campus and they will tell you that begging mom or dad to drive from home just to bring you to target is totally worth it compared to the marathon journey you will embark on if you are unfortunate enough to have to take the SJU shuttle.

A “quick Target run” gets an entire new meaning thanks to the SJU shuttle service. To begin, you will likely need to plan your entire day around this trip. The shuttle comes, well is supposed to come, twice an hour every hour. As many students know, more times than less, the shuttle will never be on time.

Getting to pick-up location, which is out front of Mandeville, is usually a trip in itself no matter where your dorm is located. You will likely rush across campus to be sure you don’t miss the shuttle only to stand there waiting or smushed in a seat next to a person you don’t know.

Don’t worry, you will be smushed for quite some time! Have you ever went down City Ave and not been stuck in traffic? No? That’s what I thought. Between the time of the drive, the uncomfortable temperature of the bus, and the jerky motions of the bus driver you can almost guarantee you will be some degree of motion sick by the time you arrive at what is most likely America’s worst Target. Ever.

You made the journey to Target, eager and excited to buy some stuff for your dorm room. Sorry to disappoint you, nine out of ten times you will likely have made the awful trip for nothing. This Target is always understocked.

Now that you’ve completed your underwhelming shopping experience, you better hope you strategically planned your time spent in the store so that you don’t miss the shuttle back. If you are one of the unfortunate souls who happens to find themselves in this situation, don’t worry you get to stand and hold your bags while you wait thirty minutes for the next shuttle! There are no seats.

On your way back campus, you will likely contemplate what could have possibly possessed you to think that this trip to target was a good idea. Now you know to begin to suck up to Mom or Dad so when you ask them to drive all the way from home just to bring you to target they’ll say yes.





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