When studying for a big test or grinding out a project, it is crucial to take some time and step away from the work for a well-needed break. Video games have been, and always will be a great study break. We all know during the coronavirus pandemic, online school has turned our homes into our classrooms, this combination of home and school makes the need for breaks even more crucial as we no longer have that separation to step away from school work and studying. Video games are a huge help to keep this separation between home and school and engage in some fun, mindless activity to help us better focus when we need to be sharp! We’re here to bring the debate of two video game systems; The Playstation and Xbox,  both selling at the highest amounts since 2013.  This month the new Playstation (PS5) and Xbox (Xbox Series X) will be released to the public. Which one do you hope is under your Christmas tree in December? Ultimately, they are very similar. Here are some things to consider before going out and making the big purchase.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cook


The first thing to consider is the price. You can pre-order the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X on Best Buy for five hundred dollars. If you are not looking to spend a whopping five hundred dollars for either console, Xbox is the way to go because you can purchase the Xbox Series S for only three hundred dollars.


Graphics can definitely be a deal-breaker for some. In the past, the PS4 had you choose whether you wanted graphics for performance or visuals. Now, the PS5 is equipped with both, being able to run an open-world game at 4k and 60 frames per second. The Xbox Series X can go up to 120 frames per second in some game modes, which tops the PS5.

Load Times:

Load times are very important when comparing the new Xbox and Playstation. For the PS5, they upgraded their SSD card from 500 to 825GB. More specifically, this upgrade would load the new SpiderMan game in about 7 seconds compared to 43 seconds. In Xbox’s first trial runs, Red Dead Redemption load times have decreased from about 2 minutes, to 38 seconds.


Accessibility can be very in-depth. This has to do with how the controller feels, what games can be played from previous consoles, and other applications involved with these consoles. The PS5 has a home screen that is easy to navigate. Also, there have been changes made to the controller for a better feel and a wide range of vibrations during gameplay. The PS5 comes with the ability to link your Spotify account to your PS5, unlike Xbox.

 As goes for the Xbox, there have been minimal changes made to the home screen and controller, leaving you with a very similar feel as the Xbox One.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Cook

All in all, personal preference is a big factor. There are not many flaws in either console to the point where you can convincingly choose one over the other. It’s up to you! What features are important to you? Do you prefer an easy-to-use home screen or different price options to make the most financially-responsible decision? We hope to have provided you with some different tech specs to aid and your decision. For more in-depth information on the big decision, check out this video review and this article placing the two systems side by side. Happy shopping!

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