Lions, tigers, and bears oh my! Halloween is not just for kids to dress up, it’s for animals too.

Maura, an educational interrupter, says “you get to watch all of our animals get pumpkins, that they can crunch in their mouth, that is their favorite snack!”

While many people  do not assume that animals would celebrate this event, the Zoo implemented a new event that brings the fun to the cages.  They have candy located by every animal station, for both kids and adults. Since animals cannot have candy, each animal will get a special treat based on their specific diets. Many animals will get pumpkins, in order to keep it festive. While the animals are enjoying their treats, visitors can also watch them enjoy it!

Photo by Carly Rybinski

This event is fun for everyone! The zoo offers festive food selections for all visitors to enjoy. Visitors are also encouraged to dress up for the event and fully take in the holiday season. Aside from all the fun that comes along with visiting the animals, there are also photo booths and special attractions located throughout the Zoo’s pathways.

Photo by Carly Rybinski

Students are encouraged by the volunteers to take part in putting on this event throughout the Halloween season. Saint Joseph’s University softball team volunteered and took part in the event, and had so much fun doing so.

Photo by Carly Rybinski

Boo at the Zoo is only one of the festive events that the Zoo puts on, and creates an incredibly fun atmosphere for both families and the animals that visit and live in those areas!


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