Students at SJU are using creativity to bring our community together. The funniest and most entertaining Instagram accounts “Not Affiliated with Saint Joseph’s University,” have a big following on campus with many students claiming these accounts are the best study break.


An Instagram account run by four Saint Joseph’s University students, whose posts give honest reviews of the food served by the main dining hall on campus, Campion. It’s run by four, anonymous “hungry boys” who post pictures of the food along with ratings out of 10. Each caption is a long paragraph full of intermittent emojis, puns, jokes, and anecdotes surrounding the food being discussed. It is a hilarious account to follow, perfect for passing a few minutes here and there to get away from the stress of homework. This account connects the students of SJU over a shared dining experience, giving them a place to discuss and joke around about the food everyone with a meal plan has access to.


This account, run by anonymous Saint Joseph’s University students, tries to help students get in touch with other students. The account provides students with a Google form that allows them to describe a situation or person that will then be posted anonymously onto the account. Hopefully, followers recognize the described individual and tag them, ultimately leading to a connection that was previously “missed.” Many followers of the account love to follow simply for entertainment, while others tag people they might recognize. Either way, it’s a great place to laugh, build connections, and meet fellow Hawks.


This Instagram account is the unofficial meme account of Saint Joseph’s University. This account creates community and connections between students of SJU, as the memes are often about situations, problems, or events that occur on or around campus. This account is hilarious and entertaining, as well as the perfect way to pass a few minutes between classes while relating to fellow students and laughing over them with your friends.


This Instagram account is directly affiliated with BarstoolSports and posts memes, videos, pictures, and screenshots of ridiculous and hilarious things happening all over and around the SJU campus. This account is the perfect place to visit if you need some laughs; however, it is an insane and crazy place to be.


This is an Instagram account created by an SJU student in order to discuss and bring up concerns, tips, tricks, opinions, and ideas surrounding any topic, but mainly ones related to SJU. This account allows SJU students to relate and connect with each other over opinions or issues, even encouraging people to have healthy and positive discussions about topics they might disagree on. This account creates the perfect place to have your voice heard while hearing others.

Interview with Tommy Corbett and Tim Kelly with their opinions on the non-affiliate Instagram accounts.