We are all familiar with that feeling of boredom we get after staring at the same textbook for hours. The words on the page are not making any sense and the music you are listening to is making it easier to zone out. At this point when you need to disconnect, instead of scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, hop on the new trend sweeping college campuses: Listen to a podcast. Every day more and more students on Hawk Hill are listening to podcasts instead of music during their daily activities. We have rounded up a list of the most popular podcasts that SJU students are raving about.

Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash


David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest vloggers with a sturdy 9.3 million subscribers. Dobrik, alongside his middle-aged co-host, Jason Nash, take you behind the scenes of the YouTuber life. The YouTubers discuss their own personal lives, thoughts, and views on pop culture all while playing on the age difference between them. Nash is 43-year-old single dad who is simply just trying to stay “hip with the kids.”  The podcast gives listeners an insight into the work that goes behind YouTube content, with Dobrik and Nash’s personal touch.

We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast


Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen give listeners their best investment ideas and teachings by studying billionaires. They talk about billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and other similar businessmen. Pysh and Brodersen study how these men invest and the readings that have influenced them and their decisions. They share this knowledge while maintaining a fun and witty environment. The overall purpose of the podcast is to help investors, business owners, or just about anyone interested in investing their money.

Pardon My Take


Contracted under the wing of Barstool Sports, Pardon My Take has become the most popular sports podcast in the past year. Its grand popularity is due to the comedic twist on the top sport stories of the day. Hosts Daniel “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter tackle not only all things sports but also dabble in discussing major pop culture stories, bizarre news stories or random quirky topics. The fun and twisted humor featured in this podcast is what really shines through to listeners and what keeps them wanting more.

The Rights to Rickey Sanchez


In the Philadelphia area, a hot conversation topic will always be Philly Sports, especially if we are talking about The 76ers. The Rights to Rickey Sanchez is the only podcast dedicated to the Philadelphia Sixers. It’s rather strange title stems from a Puerto Rican basketball player, Rickey Sánchez, who was drafted by the sixers but never played. The hosts, Spike Eskin and Michael Levin talk all things sixers from game highlights to celebrity drama surrounding the players. This podcast is credited with reviving the famous “Trust The Process” slogan, by using Sixers superstar Joel Embiid as the face of their movement.

Pick the Brain


Pick the Brain focuses on productivity, health, education, and most importantly self-improvement. Topics covered on the show are geared towards psychology and maintaining a healthier state of mind. Hosted by Erin Falconer and Jeremy Fisher, Pick the Brain strives to retrain listeners’ brains to find a better version of themselves, all by diminishing the concept of worry. The hosts pick the brains of many intellectuals who are interviewed in order to give listeners insight as to why us humans to do what we do and how to think differently. This podcast gives a different perspective on mental health, an extremely popular and important topic in today’s world.

My Favorite Murder


Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstack have always been fascinated with hard-hitting crime stories. They share their passion for murder stories on My Favorite Murder, where they narrate their favorite twisted tales. Their crime stories range from ones they have read about, to hometown stories, to fan submissions. The humorous narration that the hosts use is like no other. My Favorite Murder is one of the most popular podcasts out there, captivating thousands of listeners worldwide.

Ear Hustle


Ear Hustle opens the doors of prison by sharing stories of current inmates and shedding a light onto prison life. This podcast discusses social issues facing our prison systems by utilizing raw first-hand accounts. This award-winning show is hosted by visual artist Nigel Poor, and Earlonne Woods, an inmate at San Quentin State Prison. Some of the featured stores can be deemed difficult to listen to, due to the harsh reality most prison inmates are faced with. The production team attempts to maintain a balance of the content produced, as they often showcase humorous accounts as well.



One true story is told throughout one season of this investigative podcast. Serial is set up similar to an auditory documentary which outlines the entirety of a certain case by asking the essential questions: who, what, where, when and why. The host, Sara Koenig proceeds to evaluate the media perceptions and trail occurance of the case. What makes this podcast different from basic documentaries is that it gives listeners all possible angles of the story. It does not simply focus on the murderer, thus allowing listeners to come up with their own conclusions on the case.  

These featured podcasts are only some of the multitude available online, you can view more popular podcast here. All of these podcasts highlighted are readily available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify free of charge.


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