Sweet Charlie’s Ice Cream Shop, located on Walnut Street in Center City, is famously known as the ice cream parlor with the delicious and aesthetically pleasing rolled ice cream. What is rolled ice cream, you may ask? If you’ve never physically been to Sweet Charlie’s, you’ve most definitely seen a Snapchat story of a Sweet Charlie’s worker blissfully creating ice cream into rolled-up goodness. Sweet Charlie’s has unlocked the perfect method to achieving Snapchat notoriety. From the dynamic structure of the shop, to the workers’ bright attitudes, Sweet Charlie’s position on Snapchat is strong and unwavering. How did they accomplish this? The “Always Sunny” gang decided to find this out so you can add Sweet Charlie’s gold to your own Snapchat story.

Walking into Sweet Charlie’s, you may be taken aback by how small the shop actually is. It can get pretty crowded, especially on the weekends. A crowded parlor means only one thing; you’ll be getting a front row seat to ice cream heaven being made right before your eyes. A Sweet Charlie’s worker takes a few ingredients, and literally creates a delicious ice cream masterpiece right in front of your very eyes. A glass panel separates you from their decadent dessert, giving you the perfect view of what your about to devour. What a cool experience, right? Because of the tastefulness that Sweet Charlie’s produces, you will surly take out your phone, record the creation of their cold rolled glory, and post it to your Snapchat. None of this is possible without the actual structure of the Sweet Charlie’s shop. In my eyes, that’s a win for you the customer, and for the popularity of Sweet Charlie’s.

“Would you like to take a picture?” This question is almost always asked to a Sweet Charlie’s customer. After an employee lovingly creates their customer’s ice cream, they will take chocolate or caramel sauce (according to the customer’s sweet tooth) and artistically write their name into the ice cream. I can recall my first time at Sweet Charlie’s and watching my name “Emma” being written in chocolate. I immediately knew I had to take a picture for my Snapchat story, friends back home, and even my parents.  This HAD to go onto my Snapchat. I mean, how amazing is this?! Not only did I get to watch actual ice cream being made, but now my name is crafted into it. This again was simply another way Sweet Charlie’s carefully utilizes the personality customers to gain their fame status. And it did not take much observing to see that I was not alone. Many of the people in the shop were young adults/college kids, and it seemed like everyone had their phones out. I even recall one kid attempting to take the all too beloved selfie with his ice cream still flat on the table! But after all, if you don’t selfie, were you even there?

So now, you, a Saint Joseph’s University student, is trying to find a place in Philadelphia that not only has delicious products to fulfill your freshman 15, but also a place that can create Snapchat distinction that may just get you a conversation starter for next time. With the way things are going, it seems as if Sweet Charlie’s will be around for quite some time.  So, go on over to Walnut Street, pick up some rolled ice cream, and post it to your Snapchat so I can live vicariously through you!

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