With finals quickly approaching it is super important to take time for yourself and treat yourself to a well-deserved study break. A study break helps avoid burnout and it’s a time to destress and to enjoy yourself! With being home for the remainder of the fall semester and with holidays quickly approaching, my team wanted to share a fun activity we do in our hometowns when we want to take a study break. We hope this can inspire you to do something similar that you enjoy and to toss the books aside for a small portion of your day. 

What A Study Break In Scranton Looks Like

By: Jennifer Gillern 

I am from Scranton, PA and I actually took the fall semester completely remote so I haven’t been on campus. With being home I needed to quickly learn fun things to do when I was in need to get some fresh air and to clear my head from my studies. Three things I love to do during a study break is getting my nails done, going for a drink at this cute cafe downtown, and taking my dog for a walk. 

With the holidays approaching I can spice things up by getting my nails painted a festive color, ordering a holiday seasoned drink, and taking my dog to see some holiday decorations. I also definitely need to get a head start on some holiday shopping. My all-time favorite place to go by me is Target, they have such cute affordable things! If you’re shopping on a budget I definitely recommend checking Target out. My all-time favorite study break however is Northern Lights, a local cafe by me. I love getting a vanilla chai and sitting upstairs reading a book or journaling

Photo of a coffee at Northern lights located in Downtown Scranton
Photo Courtesy: Northern Lights Website 

Fun at Hershey

By: Tyler Goodwin

A place where you can’t go wrong is to take a few hours off homework or studying and enjoy some time at Hershey Park in Hershey PA. For me, personally, I’m a huge roller coaster fan and I know I’m not the only one. The weather isn’t that best out right now but if dress warm you can still enjoy your day or night at the amusement park. If you’re not a rollercoaster fan that shouldn’t stop you from going to Hershey Park as it’s the home of Chocolate World. This is a great place for people who enjoy chocolate and are curious about how it is made. They have a huge gift shop with almost anything you can imagine. The final thing that I know everyone likes is shopping. Tanger Outlets Hershey sits directly next to Hershey Park and has a variety of brand name & designer stores you can choose from. For me, I was able to go shopping in the outlets and go take a tour of Chocolate World is only a few hours. If you live in the Harrisburg area or anywhere else close to Hershey, I definitely recommend going there for a little break away from school.

Photo of Chocolate World in Hershey, PA
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Shopping With Your Friends

By: Meghan Harms

One place that I think is great to get shopping done and hang out with friends is The Shops at Valley Square in Warrington, PA. It’s less than ten minutes from my house which is really convenient for me to go there whenever I want. If you’re looking to get your mind off of school work, this is the place you can go.

There’s plenty of shops for you to peruse, as well as restaurants like Turning Point which is open for breakfast and brunch, Mod Pizza, Chipotle, Árdana, P.F Changs, and more if you end up becoming hungry and want to grab a bite to eat. In the center of Valley Square is a nice area to sit with friends at the gazebo and firepit to relax. They recently put up holiday decorations all around the Square as well as the Christmas tree in the center next to the gazebo and you can sit on the benches around the tree. Because the weather is getting colder, you may find it suitable to take a break from walking around and you can sit down around the fire pit to warm yourself up. If you’re looking for a way to hang out with and go shopping with friends while taking your mind off school for a few hours, I recommend going to Valley Square. 

Photo of Valley Square in Warrington, PA.
Photo courtesy: Meghan Harms

Good Luck! 

We wish you the best of luck on the remaining of your semester! Study hard but be sure to take a fun study break of your own!

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