Get Ready to Binge

The highly anticipated season two of Stranger Things dropped on Friday. You’ve probably already binged the whole season and your mind was blown to bits. So what now? The best answer is to gather your best pals and throw a Stranger Things themed party like it’s your job. Halloween is right around the corner, so the time is now! #HawkTalk will show you how to throw it and what to get in order for it to be legendary. Grab your Eggos, let’s get planning!

1. You’ll definitely want to get decorations. This will bring your ‘shin-dig’ to the next level and show that you’re the ultimate super-fan. The recreation of the alphabet wall is a must. This tapestry is the best and easiest way to do so.

2. The next and most important step is snacks. It’s a known fact that you can’t have a party without snacks! It just doesn’t work. Eggo Waffles must have a spot on the table along with these cupcakes along with these GENIUS recipes.

3. Costumes are essential. You might be thinking Halloween is on Tuesday, how am I supposed to get a costume in such a short period of time? First of all:

Second of all: It’s this easy. Just look here. If you’re feeling a little creative and looking for a cheaper way to look amazing, look here. Now the party is about to start. You have the decorations, the snacks, and your bomb costume, what’s next?

4. The last step is to have all the party-goers pick out their favorite episodes and have them on repeat throughout the night. It’s also a good idea to start from the beginning and a have Stranger Things marathon. You can’t go wrong with that!

After following these steps, your party will be in full swing and people will be loving it! Congrats on going above and beyond for your guests! So what are you still doing here? Go enjoy your party. Don’t forget to keep the snacks coming! #HawkTalk


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