Do you need something to do to take your mind off your schoolwork? Do you want to get more into the fall spirit, but don’t exactly know how? If you said ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then you have come to the right place. The perfect way to escape school and embody the greatness of the fall season is to go pumpkin picking. Whether you go by yourself, with your best friends, or with a significant other, pumpkin picking is a tradition that can bring you instant happiness and remind you of the joy that the fall brought you as a child.

Since us college kids lack money, it can be difficult to do the activities that once distracted us from all of our annoying, ‘grown-up’ responsibilities. Most college students are busier than the average person, and probably don’t even know where the nearest pumpkin patch is located. If this is the case for you, you’re in luck because below is the the closest pumpkin patch, and the cheapest tools you can buy to destroy your pumpkin.


  1. Linvilla Orchards:

Located on 137 W Knowlton Rd Media, PA 19063, Linvilla is much more than just a pumpkin patch. You can come here to enjoy everything that the great fall season has to offer, such as hayrides and corn mazes ( and the tickets are between four to six dollars per person.)  Since Linvilla is approximately twenty-five minutes away from Saint Joe’s, it makes for the perfect escape because you are definitely off campus, but not too far where it becomes a hassle.



The Fun Part

Everyone knows that the best part about pumpkin picking isn’t spotting a pretty pumpkin and lugging it back to your car. The fun comes in when it’s time to cut right through it and give this inanimate object a face. Because why not! Here are the cheapest options for pumpkin carving tools:

  1. Amazon: Abell Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

Amazon is known for having the cheapest items. Not only is this pumpkin carving set only ten dollars, but it is rated five stars. I know what you are thinking; it is cheap and high quality? That’s a yes from me! I’ll be carving my one-eyed pumpkin in no time.

2. Michael’s: Pumpkin Masters® Pumpkin Carving Kit

If ten dollars is still over your budget ( because hello, college!) then you can always stop by your closest Michael’s and buy their Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit for only four dollars and nineteen cents. Yes, you read that right. FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETEEN CENTS! Now there is absolutely no excuse to skip out on pumpkin carving this fall season.

3. Now that you have all the tools you need, us non-artists might need a little help making our pumpkin look like it has emotion. If that’s the case, all you need is a stencil and then you are good to go. The best part about stencils is that they are absolutely free. All you have to do is look up “pumpkin stencils” and have access to a printer and a pair of scissors and BAM. Your job is done.


Did this put anyone else in the fall spirit? No? Just me? Cool. I can’t wait to go Linvilla Orchards this weekend and torture all the pumpkins, because that is what fall is all about.

Not sure what makes for a good pumpkin? Click here to learn.

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