Move your feet to the beat – anyone can dance, get up off your seat!

Hawks flew to The Perch this past week to soar into some Salsa.  SJU students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Latin American culture, and enjoy some free food and drinks (the event was sponsored by Pepsi).

A dance instructor taught students how to dance both the Salsa and Bachata.  If the students did not dance, they could be found both eating and enjoying each other’s company.

Saint Joseph’s University is one of the most culturally un-diverse colleges in the country, with 82.5 percent of the student population being white.  Due to the predominately white student body, students of color find it more difficult to feel completely involved in activities. With growing awareness of lack of inclusion, staff and students are working to create a more welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Events hosted by many of the cultural clubs at this university (LSA, BSU, CSA, etc.) allow for students to learn and experience diversity on a not-so diverse campus.


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