If you’re anything like me, then spontaneous plans to the city are hard for you. There’s so much to do, so little you may know, and only a day to explore, so of course you want to plan your time wisely. But then, who wants to spend hours of researching for the perfect places to go when you could spend that time, you know, there.

So HawkcHill presents the roadmap to spending the perfect day in the city. Edition: South Street.

TIP: Start your day at Kaya Aerial Yoga. It’s in the heart of Old City, and close to South Street!

Author’s Pick

The Low Country Burger is a savory success!
  1. Kaya Aerial Yoga – This studio has become one of my favorite places to go in the city. One, because there is an amazing morning class called “First Flight” chock full of amazing stretches. It literally feels like you’re getting a deep-tissue massage for an hour and a half. It gets you into some seriously happy vibes for the rest of the day. Also, it’s in the heart of Old City, and a fifteen minute walk away from South Street. It’s the perfect place to start off your day.
  2. Commonwealth Pub – If you have $15 and thirty minutes, treat yourself to this amazing American food joint. The salads are sweet, the burgers are juicy, and they have a new, mouthwatering dessert every day!
  3. Franklin Fountain – While on the pricey side, it’s hard to beat the 50’s atmosphere and intoxicating flavors. If you share a “cup” with your special beau, you’ll be rewarded with an adorable Chinese-esque box full of creamy goodness. It’s a long wait in line, but a trip you have to take.

Kaya Aerial Yoga is a 15 minute walk from South Street!


Soft, spongey cupcakes with thick, creamy frosting. Each cupcake is about $3.

South Street Style

  1. Cheesesteak Tees – How do you better show your love for all things brotherly than with a t-shirt that commemorates Rocky’s hometown? The Ben Franklin Bridge, Amor statue, Eagles, and even SEPTA are represented here. Challenge your friends to see which t-shirt they’d buy you! BONUS: You wear it for the rest of the day.
  2. Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza– A South Street jewel that sells pizza that is literally bigger than your head. For $3.75 you can get the equivalent of three pizza slices and a full-on pizza box, and fifteen minutes of greasy, cheesy bliss.
  3. The Sweet Life Bakery – Rated as one of the top bakeries in Philadelphia, I rate this as one of the best places for spongey cupcakes. It’s cheap. It’s sweet. It’s delicious.

BONUS: Ishkabibble’s – No. That is not a typo. And it’s pronounced “ish-kah-bibble.” Say that three times fast! Ask your friends, “Do you want to get a Gremlin at Ishkabibble’s?” because not only will they be inevitably confused, but you’ll get to buy another tart-tastic drink! It’s purple. It’s always a size too large. And it’s absolutely delicious. Pair it with some pizza for an amazing time.


Crystals and Good Vibes

Lions, crystals, and yoga. Oh my!
  1. Garland of Letters – This may seem like your typical garland-filled, Chinese lantern, crystal and incense shop, but – wait. Okay, let me try that again. If you’re into Eastern medicine and spiritual guidance, sweet-sounding wind chimes and zodiac cards, then this is the place for you.
  2. Bodhi Café – This little gem boasts a relaxing, cozy atmosphere and welcoming service. The food is fresh and simple, and doesn’t kill your budget. Spend your brunch sipping a London Fog coffee and soaking in the natural light.
  3. HÄAGEN-DAZS – What speaks better to good vibes than nostalgia? Stop in for your favorite flavor, and post an Instagram-worthy picture while you’re at it!


Book Lover’s Paradise

If this is Writer’s Block Rehab, then I want writer’s block all the time.
  1. Philadelphia Book Trader – Imagine wall to wall shelves stuffed with novels, DVDs, memoirs, and dime romances. You can take in the smell of old pages and the quiet shuffling of feet in the two story store full of hidden treasures. Need I say more?
  2. The Little Spoon Café – There’s a stereotype that bookworms love sweets in teensy, picturesque cafés. It’s totally true. Though if you’re not a bookworm, but you still love fresh dishes
  3. Writer’s Block Rehab – This is a hot, new bar in Philly that features funky drinks and books. Uhm, what? While a bit on the pricey side, it’s definitely a bar that caters to authors who don’t live in the dinosaur age.


Book Trader is also close to the Franklin Fountain, if you prefer ice cream!


Music Lovers

A wall of new guitars and basses every day.
  1. Bluebond Guitars – If your significant other is obsessed with Rickenbackers, Les Pauls, Fenders, this is the place to go! Even if you aren’t looking to buy, feel free to try out the guitars or basses on the wall, and strum a couple tunes while surrounded by posters of the legends.
  2. MilkBoy South Street – I have to admit . . . the little boy scares me. I mean, it’s huge. I passed by it about three times before I finally figured out how cool it was. Live music. Delicious American food. College budget friendly? Sign me up!
  3. Silver Fork – According to Yelp.com, Silver Fork is the hot, new place to go – literally! The food is spicy, full of sushi, and it’s right next to The Theatre of Living Arts (You thought I was just going to throw in a random sushi restaurant, didn’t you?)


And no matter which road trip you pick . . .

Take an Uber or Lyft home. – After a long day of walking and exploring, no one wants to stand around waiting for the bus – especially not if there’s that notorious Philly traffic. So why make it hard on yourself? Call up a ride after rush hour when the prices go down, and let yourself unwind as your reflect on your perfect day.


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