SJU’s Dreams “Crumb” True

A new Insomnia Cookies has opened up right here on campus! On Friday November 6th, the well-known bakery chain opened up a new location on 199 City Ave, right across from Lannon and Rashford. It is expected to be a popular spot for Saint Joe’s students to unwind and indulge. 

The Top 5 Reasons Why Insomnia Cookies is the Best Place for a Study Break

  1. It is within walking distance from campus

It is convenient to have a delicious ice cream shop/bakery that is so close to campus. Insomnia Cookies sits at a corner right on City Ave. Google maps estimates it to be a 2 minute drive and a 9 minute walk from the entrance near Villiger. After a long day of studying at your desk or writing a paper in the library, it is beneficial to get out and get moving. A six minute walk to Insomnia Cookies could do the trick!

Map of walk from Villiger Hall to the new Insomnia Cookies. Credit: Google Maps
  1. They deliver!

Unlike Insomnia Cookies’ other location in Manayunk, this location delivers to campus. This can be useful if you are tired after doing a lot of homework and do not feel like walking. If you need a shorter break and want to keep grinding out homework, why not have cookies while you work! It also helps students that live off campus, but are still in the surrounding area. On the website the delivery hours are posted, along with an “order now” feature that can be done online or over the phone.

Located on Insomnia Cookies website are their store hours. Credit: Insomnia Cookies Website
  1. It is a great place to go with friends

Socialization after doing a lot of work is important. It allows for the mind to relax and be stimulated in other forms. Insomnia Cookies is a great spot to enjoy a sweet treat with friends. They also offer cookie cakes for special occasions and birthdays that you can order in advance. With campus in such close proximity, you and your friends can have an ice cream social at Sweeney field

Different size boxes of assorted cookies to enjoy with friends. Credit: Lillian McCann
  1. After a long day of hard work, it is a good reward

Once in a while it is nice to reward yourself with something you enjoy. You can swing by Insomnia Cookies in between classes, after an exhausting day, or during a study break. This provides you with motivation to check things off of your to-do list. In addition, the hours are generous. Sunday-Wednesday they are open from 11A.M-1A.M. Thursday-Saturday they are open until 3 A.M.

Open sign displayed during late hours. Credit: Lillian McCann
  1. They have amazing desserts

Insomnia Cookies has 16 different types of cookies to choose from. These freshly baked cookies can be paired with delicious ice cream flavors as well. “Wiches” are a popular item on the menu at Insomnia Cookies. Wedged between two warm cookies, you can choose from scoops of ice cream and creamy icing. Senior, Lily McCann tested out some of the cookie flavors. Check out @sjuhawkChill on Instagram to see the results.

Captured image of the Insomnia Cookies display of the “Wich”. Credit: Lillian McCann

When you find yourself in need of a break, motivation, or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, grab yourself something from Insomnia Cookies. You can go on this adventure alone or you can bring along friends. This new shop is an exciting place for Saint Joe’s students to go and try some fun desserts that taste great!

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