Everyone needs a fun and relaxing way to unwind, especially with finals approaching and the stress of COVID-19. A tried and true method that people have always used to destress is through crafts. Working to create something with your own hands will give you a sense of accomplishment; and hopefully it will be pretty fun too! In this article, we’ll be giving you two fun, holiday crafts to spruce up your living spaces that you can try while on a study break.

Natural Orange Garland

Sources: Pinterest

This garland is a natural way to bring some minimal holiday cheer into your home that will smoothly transition from Thanksgiving into the New Year! Watch this YouTube video for a great step-by-step tutorial or follow the written instructions below:

Source: “how to make a winter citrus garland” by
Alli Cherry on YouTube

We know everyone is home and trying to stay safe, so we’re linking everything you need on Amazon.com and Walmart.com so you can get it shipped right to your front door! Here is what you’ll need:


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F.
  2. Slice your citrus thin. Be really careful if you use a mandoline slicer! They work really well, but you can slice your hand if you aren’t being careful. A sharp knife is another way to slide your citruses that many people already have at home.
  3. Pat excess moisture off the slices. I didn’t do this the first time I tried to make this garland and they didn’t dehydrate correctly. 
  4. Place oranges on a baking sheet and bake for 2.5 – 3 hours. Flip the slices half way through cooking time.
  5. Once your fruit is dehydrated, it’s time to assemble! Take a bobby pin and make two small holes in the flesh of the citrus, then thread the twine through. That’s it! Now decorate your place with your fancy festive garland

Holiday Canvas

Our next craft is a great way to decorate your living spaces while giving yourself a relaxing and fun study break! You can paint or draw on the canvases to create your holiday masterpiece. Below is some inspiration to get your started:

Sources: Pinterest

To make your canvas, here are the things you’ll need:


  1. Get your canvas and lay it out on a flat surface
  2. Take your paints of your choice and open them up along with your paint brushes
  3. Whenever you’re ready, start painting whatever you want! It can be themed towards a specific holiday or just winter-themed if you want it to last the whole season.
  4. When you’re done painting, give the canvas time to dry
  5. Depending on if you got the canvas in a kit or by itself, you may need to go get it stretched and mounted on a wood frame. After that, admire your work and hang it for all to see!

We hope you enjoy these crafts just as much as we did! They will get you in the holiday spirit in no time. It’s important to not burn yourself out while studying or doing homework, and this is a great way to reset and boost your mood. Mental health is very important, especially during winter and around the holidays. Take care of yourself!

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Happy Holidays!!

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