Honey is an extension that you can easily add onto your computer or laptop that will scan applicable coupons based on the sight you are online shopping off of. It is easy to use, helps make shopping more affordable, and is used by millions of people! According to their website, Honey members have an average of $126 annual savings and 17.92% average discounts on purchases. The user-friendly website has gained such popularity, even Forbes did an article on them!

Source: Online Shopping Deals


Rakuten (formally known as Ebates) allows customers to get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. The extension works by stores paying Rakuten a commission, then Rakuten shares the commission with you as Cash Back. The extension is free and can be used on your laptop,  IPhones, IPads, and androids! It works by starting any online shopping order on their website, then by clicking on your preferred online store through their site. You then make your purchase as usual and every 3 months you will receive cashback. It is super easy and convenient to earn money back on purchases.

Source: Big Bucks Savings


Swagbucks is an online shopping rewards program that allows you to earn free gift cards and cash by doing nothing more than your daily browsing activities. Whether it be searching the web, online shopping, or even watching videos, we all spend time online nearly everyday. Swagbucks will reward you for doing so by calculating points for everything you do, and will later result in “putting cash back in your wallet” through gift cards of your choice or money through Paypal!

Source: Swaggy Savings


Shopkick is a rewards app which allows you to earn free gift cards with your everyday online and in person shopping! Unlike the other websites referenced, this app also allows you to scan your items in person, as well as online to collect points! Once you rack up enough points, you’re able to pick a gift card of your choosing to either help pay for the items you’re buying or to get yourself or someone else something special!

Source: Earn and Save


Wikibuy is an online website and browser extension that helps offers many useful services including finding coupons and discounts, card-linking, and even allows you to shop through their website, as well as much more, which is displayed on GoBankingRates! It’s 100% free and guarantees lower prices every time you shop online with them. It also allows mobile price comparisons so that you know you are getting the best deal available to you (though standard messaging rates may apply with this feature).

Source: Coupons and More


This extension is a price tracker for specifically Amazon products. Through the browser extension, users gain access to the price history of every product for sale at amazon. Since Amazon prices are constantly changing, it allows you to see if the product is at a good price for purchase or if you should hold off until the price will drop again. This allows for one to purchase products at the lowest price possible, and in turn can help customers to save lots of money over time. 

Source: Price Tracking


The Holiday season is an expensive time of the year. Between gifts, holiday food, and more it is easy to spend a lot of money. Fetch is a great reward system to help you save money! Fetch rewards is an extension which allows you to save money on groceries. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt from any grocery store and upload it then they do the rest! They bring you savings after you shop to save the hassle of looking for coupons. In turn you receive gift cards to use for a future shopping experience.

Source: Awesome Deals

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