As stressed out college students, we all need a break from studying sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave our rooms and go on an adventure. Sometimes the best brain breaks involve the simple, yet undeniably addicting, act of procrastination. And we are here to tell you that’s ok. Not surprising, 83.3% answered yes to taking study breaks while the other 16.7% said “I guess”.

There is no wrong way to let your mind wander, whether you enjoy scrolling through meme pages or looking at tasty videos of food that, let’s be honest, you’ll probably never make. Only 13.9% of students answered “yes” to going somewhere for a break and if they do leave their room common responses were “go to Starbucks” or simply “to get food”.  After a long day of studying or taking exams, sometimes wasting time is all you want to do, and in the comfort of your own room. We interviewed students about how they like to waste time and then put together a collection of videos, music, and pictures to help you do just that. 

Happy procrastinating hawks!

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you take study breaks?. Number of responses: 36 responses.

Here are some of our favorite responses to where people like to go or what they like to do to waste time:

  1. Nowhere my guy
  2. To the bathroom
  3. My bed
  4. Continue to procrastinate until the last minute
  5. Play call of duty
  6. Look at all the stuff I have to do
  7. Call my mom
  8. Go on my phone

Good Instagram Meme Accounts to waste time on 

  1. @pubicsafety
  2. @tweets
  3. @hardcorecomedy2.0
  4. @memezar
  5. @sorority_lyfe
  6. @goodadvicecupcake
  7. @sluttypuffin

Good food accounts to follow 

  1. @foodie 
  2. @zestmylemon 
  3. @onecrazedfoodie
  4. @tinykitchen
  5. @cinfullysweetseoulfood
  6. @starinfinitefood
  7. @foodgod

Do you need help procrastinating? Look no further. Here are 5 different ways you can waste time! 

  1. Who doesn’t love funny cat videos? Waste 10 minutes of your life watching this one!

2. Love watching cooking videos that you will never cook? Here ya go! And to make this one extra ~special~ it’s literally made in a kitchen that’s like 2 inches big, because why not?


3. Just binge watch any reality tv. Some prime examples are Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real HouseWives ( of any state or county), or The Bachelorette (any version). 

4. You can’t go wrong with watching makeup videos on youtube. Weather your a makeup artist or not, these will surely waste your time. 

5. Just take a nap. Sleep off the work you have to do. Spotify will help you out with this one with their “sleep genre” playlist.

We went around and asked some fellow hawks how they procrastinate, here are some prime responses we acquired. 

Whether you’re scrolling through your social media feed, watching different youtube videos, or just hanging with friends and laughing, its important to step back and procrastinate once an a while.


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