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Feel like getting away for some fun in the snow? Then join the SUB for a day trip on Saturday, February 11th at Blue Mountain Resort for skiing and snowboarding. It’s $40 for transportation to and from Blue Mountain, ski or snowboard rentals, and a lift pass for the day. There, you can enjoy the fresh powder snow and pick from thirty-nine trails, varying in difficulty.

If you’re feeling a bit of trepidation about getting back on the slopes, have no fear. SUB also offers tickets which include a skiing or snowboarding lesson, for those of us (including me) who are a bit out of practice. A lesson before hitting the slopes can give you a boost in confidence and it’s only five dollars more.

To get you started, here are a few tips from professional ski instructor, sophomore Elana Valentin. Elana has been skiing for thirteen years and is a certified ski instructor at Ski Sundown in Connecticut. She says, “My first advice to new or returning skiers is to bend your knees. I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell my students this, but it really is overlooked.” Elana chuckles as she recalls the many times she had to remind her students of this.

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“Mainly, the importance of bending your knees is good form. It maintains the spring in your legs when going over bumps and keeps your center of gravity low to the ground. This helps to prevent you from falling.” Elana continues on to name a few other essential forms, such as wedge and parallel skis. She also emphasizes ski etiquette. This includes keeping an eye on your surroundings and being courteous to the people around, and especially those behind you. 

Elana finishes with some final suggestions. “Embrace the cold, make the most of your hand warmers, and have a really good time.” Whether you’re a new skier or snowboarder, or a returning one, this trip will be a great opportunity to spend some time with friends, meet new people, and enjoy a day on the slopes. Visit SJU Tickets for more information and to purchase tickets.

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