What’s more fun than celebrating a holiday surrounded by great food and your best friends? Want to host the perfect fun-filled Friendsgiving? Here are some tips!

  1. Schedule in Advance

Everyone knows how busy college can get and you can’t just throw together a perfect Friendsgiving in one day. Pick a date that works best for you and your friends and mark the calendar a week or two in advance. Create a doodle poll if you want to see what day and time works best for everyone. You can even bring out your creative side and make an invitation to hand out to your friends as a reminder!

Photo Made by Kelly O’Malley
  1. Decide Who’s Bringing What

One of the main aspects of Friendsgiving is the food. For efficiency, create a shared spreadsheet for everyone to sign up and pick what food they’re going to bring. This way, no one brings the same dish. No one needs 4 bowls of stuffing at their Friendsgiving.

     Photo Made by Erin Saggese
  1. Decorations Galore

Along with hosting comes the responsibility of making sure your room radiates Autumn. In this case, your local dollar store or Hobby Lobby will be your best friend. Pick up some fake leaves, pumpkins and whatever else you’d like to decorate with. Even Amazon is filled with things you could use. Here’s just a few.

Photo by Kelly O’Malley
  1.  Have Fun and Enjoy the Company

This is your last chance to celebrate the Fall holiday season before Christmas begins. Catch up with friends and enjoy the food and time you all have together. Friendsgiving is all about giving thanks for the amazing friends in your life. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the awkward family members and conversations real Thanksgiving brings.


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