Two crêpes from T-swirl Crêpes

Looking for something to do this upcoming weekend? Hungry for some delicious food? Why not enjoy some appetizing crêpes at these sweet and savory hangout spots? This week for Hawk Chill, our mission was to find some great restaurants that serve our favorite French dish!

Our first destination was Creperie Beau Monde & L’Etage, located on 624 S St– here are some directions to get your journey started to this French themed paradise! The uber cost was approximately $8.25, but this price can vary depending on the time of the day you wish to travel and the amount of demand for ubers headed in that direction. However, since Creperie Beau Monde & L’Etage is the perfect place for date night, you can always split a fare! The menu options are on the more expensive side because of the upscale feel to the restaurant, but it’s definitely worth the splurge!

Sign outside of Creperie Beau Monde & L’Etage

The dim lighting and romantic French setting is perfect to escape from campus with your significant other, or a great place to just eat yummy French food with friends! There is a large variety of food options, with both sweet and savory crêpes as well as French soups, salads, appetizers and entrees! Here is a menu for the restaurant with accurate pricing so you have an idea of what you’ll order! We found that the crêpes were absolutely heavenly! They were filling as well for those looking for a full meal, and the hospitality of the servers was excellent and creates a friendly atmosphere.

The second restaurant we visited was T-swirl Crêpes, a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown located on 150 N 10 St. The uber cost to T-Swirl Crêpes was about $7.65, and here are some directions to make the trip if you have a car! This Japanese cuisine was super delicious, with a menu full of exotic sweet and savory options. Their crêpes are cone shaped, a little messy and such a treat! What makes these crêpes stand out from other restaurants’, however, is that they’re gluten free and use rice flour. The service is super quick and easy which allows for a great on-the-go food opportunity, but the relaxed atmosphere also allows for a nice place to hang out with friends. The menu is less expensive than Creperie Beau Monde & L’Etage and also includes some yummy bubble tea if you decide against the crêpes.

Both of these places provide a super great atmosphere to spend time with friends off campus, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Happy crêpe-ing!


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