Every college kid can agree that meal plans are expensive, and let’s face it; the food is always worth its buck. No need to worry though Hawks, because our very own Campion Dining Hall can also serve as your local grocer. Here’s a couple of tried and true (and extremely creative!) ways SJU students make the most of their Campion meal plan.

Milk Gallons

We can all agree that Campion doesn’t lack a selection of milk- soy, skim, 2%, chocolate, you name it. Many students have taken note of this and, instead of buying a pricey gallon of milk every week, bring in an empty gallon and fill it with their milk of choice. There’s no way to subtly fill up a big gallon in a crowded cafeteria, but the money you’ll save will make the spectacle and judgmental stares worth it!


You can’t wait to dig into your Chipotle burrito bowl leftovers from yesterday in the comfort of your room. But then you realize- you don’t own any utensils! This disappointing realization has prompted many students to begin to take advantage of the metal spoons and forks the cafeteria offers and take some home for such situations. Of course, this only works when Campion actually has forks available…



Fruits and veggies can be scarce in college, and the freshman 15 is real… This is why many students have taken to stuffing clusters of bananas and apples in their backpacks and bringing them to their dorm’s mini fridge. Not only do you avoid breaking the bank, but you also have fresh produce that you can enjoy throughout the week. Thanks, Campion!


The majority of us don’t have time to get a full breakfast at Campion in the morning (or at least would rather sleep in the extra half hour), so Campion’s cereal bar can be a student’s best friend, especially since it’s so easy to fill a container with any type of cereal! Whether you’re filling up a small bowl for tomorrow morning or stocking up for the week, don’t overlook this hidden gem while grocery shopping at Campion!


So, the next time you enter Campion, try to avoid the Home Zone meals and instead figure out what you can stock up on for the week. Make the most of your meal plan, Hawks. But don’t forget to save me a few bananas.


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